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Lachenal 50,228 - 48-button - metal ends - 1915 - Restored in 2000 by the Concertina Connection -


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Rebi:  I think the final digit should be a 3, rather than 8.  No real worry, it's just that I'm jealous.  My first concertina was identical to yours and served me well for thirty years.


Transatlantic transactions torturous at the moment, or I would be first in the queue.

Regards,  Les Branchett


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Yes, that's what I saw too - a 3, rather than 8. I wrote to the Concertina connection though to ask about the work they did and they said they had worked on a 50,228, so I went with that! It didn't sell with a minimum bid of 1950, which I thought was surprising, so I've listed it again with a minimum bid of 1650. I think it's worth more than 2500, but I'm not an expert. 


I'm also selling two others - I'll post links here in a sec. 


Here's the new listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284559139187

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