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  1. What price did you have in mind once you complete your restoration, David? Paul
  2. Would love links to sound files or videos of this beauty being played ... Paul
  3. Watched this on eBay but didn't bid because I can't afford to make a purchase at this point. I was surprised he got no bids at all. I'd be interested in opinions why. Too high a starting price, I guess, but what would you have expected he should get for it?
  4. Oops, sorry, I don't think I replied to you earlier. I'm asking $2500 for the MacCann...



  5. Hi Craig - What are you asking for your Maccann Duet?

  6. Breakthrough last night! I'm keeping it. I guess the old dog still has some tricks left in him ... Paul
  7. Less than a week ago, I took delivery of a brand new Rochelle Anglo ("second generation" with Cagnoni reeds). After about 20 hours of playing, it is dawning on me that this old dog may have learned his last trick - and it might be best to stick with piano and leave diatonic fingering to the younger pups. The seller has offered to convert my Rochelle purchase to a $75 rental which means I would be out that much money. I'm willing to sell it to someone for $350 (you save $30) and I will pay the shipping. Brand new gig bag and tutor book included. Reply here or PM me if you are interested! Paul
  8. Thanks for the insights, Bruce. It is a right side vs left side problem for the most part. It's almost as if there is so much air going out the lower reeds that there's not enough pressure (or oomph) to sound the higher reeds. Paul
  9. I bought a Rochelle last week and have been working my way through the supplied tutor. There are some exercises with 3-note chords that I find "exhaust" the bellows pretty quickly so that I have to use the air button a LOT. Is this just a Rochelle issue or will there be as much air expended in the reeds on an intermediate instrument (like the Morse or Tedrow)? Additionally, some notes in the chords stand out more loudly than others - usually the lower notes are louder, almost drowning out (or asphyxiating?) the high notes. Also a Rochelle issue? Thanks! Paul
  10. Very useful comparisons, Ducky! I'll be interested to learn what else you discover as you play the Clover more. The picture, though a little out of focus, does seem to indicate a coarser finish on the Clover ... I look forward to hearing the audio samples! Paul
  11. Look forward to reading your side-by-side review, MDR! Ken, were you pleased with the pitch of the reeds right away - or was supplementary tuning necessary? I'm generally pretty handy, but I'm not sure I would make that large an investment in a kit when an extra $500 will pay for expert workmanship ... Paul
  12. So, the Clover has been available for over a year now and I have not seen many reviews with the exception of one person who built his from a kit and another person who made the leap from a humble Hohner. I'd really appreciate reviews or comments from more experienced concertinists who might own an Edgley, Morse, Herrington or Tedrow - who have tried a non-kit Clover somewhere or purchased one for themselves. How do you like the action, tone, bellows, etc.? Where would you rank it with other concertinas you've played? Thanks! Paul
  13. Tom - Here are the definitions on Frank's order form: The Session Box – A great, no frills concertina, with the usual Edgley quality. Strong tone and ease of response. Stainless grills with flat finish. Available in natural domestic woods with natural finish, only. The Performer’s Model – As above with polished stainless grills, bubinga, bloodwood, zebrawood, curly maple, sapele or other woods by availability. Natural finish. Excellent tone and response The Professional Model –The ultimate in concertina tone and response, with angled reedpans, and choice of genuine hand-rubbed ebony, cocobolo, Indian rosewood, or other woods by availability. No other concertina, regardless of price or maker plays as easily! Paul
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