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Beautiful Lachenal 60 button Edeophone, restored and in concert pitch. MacCann system.

robert stewart

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Lachenal Edeophone, Circa 1909

A large 60 button, plus air button, Lachenal Edeophone, MacCann Duet system.The "Rolls Royce" of concertinas. Serial number dates it to circa 1909.  Nickel plated raised ends, 9-fold (!) bellows. Old leather case, needs work, has the name of Harry Edson, a vaudeville entertainer. Completely and beautifully restored and tuned to concert pitch by maestro Greg Jowaisas, last year. Steel reeds in brass shoes. Offers over  $1950 plus shipping.

LACHENAL Stamp.jpg

Serial 2880.jpg

Right Hand with Air Button.jpg

9 Fold Bellows.jpg

Left Hand.jpg


Reeds RHS.jpg

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I started with the Maccann layout as shown on concertina.com, found where it matched, and added all the lower rows. Note that the F#, uppermost right RHS is not present, but a low F#, lower right  RHS is present.

This instrument has a loud voice overall, and yet a good dynamic range. The highest note is the top RHS C.IMG_4982.jpg.04c410b4440326e657580a690b1a0d06.jpgIMG_4981.jpg.ca8b21fe0b34c1dec47403fe94222554.jpgIMG_4980.jpg.484f1b6e356b764a82ae77a865040d5e.jpg

the lowest note of all is a (RHS) B which sounds like the horn of the gods. The air button is on the RHS, plus a whistle and a duck quack (helpful for Vivaldi's Four Seasons in vaudeville interpretation). Those three are in a small row additional on the far left, right by the thumb. Not shown in these diagrams



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yes it is still available. Several people have shown interest, but no one has committed yet. Do please send me a Private Message if you want to proceed: if you buy, I can make a donation to Concertina.net rather than throw money at Ebay where the Edeophone Duet is currently listed.  Where are you located?

Best Wishes, Robert.

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