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Concertina Recommendation, under 500USD

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Don't forget that "free case" = you are paying for it 😉 It is just a way to put thing.

I would go with no hesitation for the Rochelle 2. If you have a problem with the Wren in the future, you have to send it back all the way to Ireland !  

Also selling a concertina is losing money, sometime a lot, specially if you buy it new. 

Rochelle 2 is only 150$ more, save up just a little ! You will have a great beginner concertina with 5 years warranty (and from your country). But yes it is Wheatstone layout, not the very best for Irish but still very good. Check out Frank Edgley book "The Anglo Concertina: Handbook of Tunes and Methods for Irish Traditional Music", I believe it is written for Wheatstone layout. 


Good luck !

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@papawemba I'm actually moving to Ireland in around a year for school, which is why I'm not sweating too much where I get it from. It might end up being easier to get a Wren fixed than a Rochelle if I'm over there to be honest. I am looking at paying a little under $400 for a Wren since I've found one on sale, and that's a lot more budget friendly than $600 something. And thank you for the book recommendation! I won't have anyone to formally teach me for a while so any resources I can get to self teach is really valuable!

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Sorry Gentry, I didn't read it all...So lucky you’re moving to Ireland 🙂 

I am sure you will have lots of resource there to learn concertina ! (not like in Belgium ha ha)

Eventually check The Irish concertina site meanwhile, they have ongoing second hand concertina : 



All the best


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So I had never touched a Concertina before last year. I play Tin Whistle & Irish Flute and Edel Fox caught my eye on OAIM and I started thinking.  Although, it was hard to find entry level Concertinas I got on the waiting list with Concertina Connection for a Rochelle. I received her in January 21 and began playing using both OAIM & IrishConcertinaLessons.com and couldn't be happier with my choice. I'm currently thinking about and looking into upgrading to and trying to decide my options. My plan is to visit the Button Box and look at the Morse Ceili and/or look at the CC Minstrel or Clover. CC gives you a full $ value credit to upgrade theirs, although the Button Box does also toward their Morse Ceili I didn't buy it from them so I don' imagine that would count and it'll end up being a money issue.


Good Luck

-- Rick

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