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  1. So, I was looking to find something to try as a Concertina, I was hoping to go to the Button Box, but they are still closed due to state orders. So when the Concertina Connation emailed me that they had them back in stock I jumped on it and she arrived on Friday. I'm very happy I did, although it'll take a bit of work to figure out how to play I'll figure it out. I'm just playing with scales and the first couple of lessons from Edel Fox on OAIM and it's not horrible. Since I have play a bunch of things now as a somewhat of an adult, this brings back the Piano lessons Mom made me take as
  2. Hello, Greeting from Outside Boston MA, I've been looking into the Concertina for a few months and have found these forum to be very helpful. I play Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonicas, Tin Whistle and Irish Flute. I kept seeing things about Concertinas and then started to search out Concertina videos and anything else I could find about them and I am fascinated. I've reached out to the Button Box and I am on the list for Rochelle new or used or something. Of course the world seems to be back ordered on them so I'm waiting somewhat patiently.....lol. I've been thinking of other alternatives a
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