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For Sale : 30-key Lachenal Anglo in G/D


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Hi everyone

Nobody seems to be interested in my Anglo G/D !

Does anyone have any advice to give as to how I might sell it ? I live in Brittany and G/D's aren't popular over here.

Any advice gratefully received !


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Hi Rache,

I rather suspect that the CITES regulations may put off prospective buyers living outside of France, rosewood being one of the materials from which your lovely concertina is made. If you are not aware of the situation, type CITES in the search box at top right of this page, or Google it.

I believe that some recent changes may have been made, but rosewood has become a bit of a dirty word, up there with ivory. An auctioneer friend has told me that items made from rosewood are not attracting bids at auction, and former sales values are not being met.

Sorry, I have no solution to offer....but wish you good luck.

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