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Anglo concertina Kensington C/G (EU)


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Selling a beautiful anglo concertina Kensington 30b in C/G, Jeffries Layout. 
It is number 61, a very recent one. 
A modern handmade anglo with true concertina reeds (also handmade). 
Vintage sound in modern built. Warm sound, loud and have good dynamics. 
Check http://www.kensingtonconcertinas.com/ for lots of information's.
A video to have an idea of sound (by beginner, no modification of sound) :



I am in Belgium, looking for 2900 euros (+shipping). 

A trade is possible for a 7Mount or the Clover in Jeffries layout.





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Hi crazy guy, sorry to interfere...   🙂


but having noticed so many of your efforts to lose (more) money, the video seems to suggest that this one might be a keeper for you...


All the best - 🐺


BTW - as I'm going through rough times in my personal life these days, your "beginner" sounds have not failed to cheer me up - thank you for that!


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adding BTW
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Posted (edited)

Thank you Wolf ! It’s been a while !

I do like it a lot !! 😊 It is just my mind is spinning so much…like:

I have also lots of pleasure with the Morse, then why keeping a more expensive concertina like the Kensington ha ha. I am also selling 2 concertinas, I might keep the one standing ! Or continue my search. Maybe I will have as much pleasure with a “cheaper” one like the Clover. The advantage with the Clover is that Harry Geuns here in Belgium might do something here in Belgium as he is working with concertina connection. Same with Suttner and 7Mount, it is next door country ! So very easy in case of problem in the future… Well anyway, maybe I am thinking too much or I just like to try out all those awesome concertina 😊

Sorry to hear that rough times in your personal life, hope everything will get better !! happy if my video could sheers up a little 😉 I am now listening to your soundcloud channel, great tunes and playing there ! Really like Sadler’s Wells. And Rose Of Raby, great rendition !! Ha ha maybe I will start EC too.



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