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Miniature English and Anglo Concertinas For Sale


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I am selling a Wheatstone 12-key English miniature, a Crabb 12-key English miniature, and a 10-key Anglo miniature. They are:

Wheatstone No. 25114 (1940). 2 3/4" hexagonal ends with crimped metal fretwork. Metal buttons, steel reeds, 8-fold leather bellows. Original fitted hard case.

 Crabb No. 17553 (circa 1965). 2 7/8" hexagonal ends with crimped metal fretwork. Metal buttons, steel reeds, 8-fold bellows. Original fitted hard case. 

The 12-key layouts on the Wheatstone and Crabb are identical.


10-key Anglo system miniature (maker not identified, but most likely by George Jones). 2 5/8" hexagonal metal ends, bone buttons, and 10-fold bellows. Key of C. More often, Anglo miniatures are in other keys. 10-fold rather than 8-fold bellows are also unusual. Even though it has only 10 keys, it has two full octaves of C above middle C plus accidentals of Ab, Bb, C#, Eb, and F#. Fitted wood case.


I am pricing them at US $1200 each. I will pay the shipping and insurance. If you buy more than one, it wii save on shipping cost per item.  If you buy two, deduct $100 from the total cost, If you buy all three, deduct $200 from the total cost. I will take payment in a bank check or a personal check. I do not use PayPal.

If interested and want more information, send me a person message at this site. I will be happy to provide photos and key layout diagrams.

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