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Problem Removing Metal End from a Wheatstone Aeola

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I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day.


I am looking for advice on how to remove the metal end plate from the right hand side of a Wheatsone Aeola.  The left has 2 screws at the bottom of the pad board that screw into two wooden pillars on the other side and removing these allows thee chamber to separate.  The right side has no such arrangement and I cannot see how to remove the pad board from the end plate arrangement. In such a case I would typically look to see if there is a screw concealed under the handle but it looks like, as there is a pin under the strap heading into the instrument, that the handle does not remove this way. I have removed all the handle hardware and cannot see how the handle might be removed.


Any suggestions would be very welcomed


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This photo shows the space under the wrist strap with no sign of a long screw to secure the end. I should have mentioned earlier that it is a Duet.  Also, when you look through the fretwork with a light, the 2 posts are not directly under the wrist handle, suggesting that there isn't a screw lurking underneath. 


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Sometimes one or two of the screws between the buttons, that hold the bushing board, are long screws that go through to the pad board.  There could also be a large wood screw accessible from the underside that goes through the pad board and into the wrist bar.

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