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Broken spring in hole.

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One of the springs on my Anglo broke last night when I was practicing. When I opened it up the spring was broken off in the hole it sits in and I can’t get it out to be replaced with a new one. I’ve tried getting it out with a pointy nose pliers, but there isn’t enough of it showing to grip to pull it out. I have two questions that hopefully someone can help with, it would be very much appreciated. 

Any ideas on how to get the broken end of the spring out of its hole? 

Can a new spring be placed beside where the old hole is? Would it be pushed in or is a hole drilled before placing the spring end into the hole? Or how does one go about it? 

Thanks for any and all help! 

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Hi Broken Box,

I'm no expert and others will have better input, but my first thought is, what type of action does your anglo have? My basic understanding of the mechanics are that the spring has a light interference fit with the surrounding wood so it shouldn't be extremely wedged in there. But regardless you can't get at it with a pliers and if it is a tight fit it may be difficult to remove non destructively. Hopefully I am wrong here (I am interested in building my own anglo one day so knowing what fit the springs have will be handy!).

If the spring is made of a material that is ferrous, i would employ a magnet to loosen or remove the spring (after separating the action from the reedpan). But this is just a suggestion from the top of my head and not from the sage-like folk here.  

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1mm drill bit is a bit large and a bit aggressive, I made a 'prong' out of a fine watch maker's screwdriver which is dressed to about 0.75mm. The watchmaker's screwdriver has the benefit of a rotating head and a pad to apply pressure through. Trying to get the old stub of the broken string out can do more harm than goog, I just leave it and put a new hole in the action plate beside the old one.



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