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  1. I have arthritis on my left hand. Sometimes it's painful to play. A set of "upgrade" handrests help tremendously. In the photo below, the highest point of the handrests is about 1", the lowest is about 0.5".
  2. This is exactly why I asked you to post your location. I’m glad it works out.
  3. I finally gave up and paid $200 to UPS to get the concertina. If I wanted to challenge that, I'd have to fight with UPS Billing Department and I'm not sure it would be worth the effort. Over my friend’s objection, I contributed the payment as my birthday gift to her husband (I'll also find something for his "proper" birthday). That's a big chunk of changes, but I figured I wouldn't be any poorer or richer for $200. We finally received the concertina. It is good, but has some very minor issues. The seller said he would take care of it. Note that this was not the seller's fault. He was just as frustrated as we were. He told me it would be OK if I wanted to cancel the whole thing, and offered some compensation for the trouble. But I didn't take any of that. I didn't want him to pay for someone else's fault. Thank you all for your thoughts. >> can we start a campaign to get dates written properly so they read down the first column more readily Yes. My choice is YYYYMMDDHHMMSS (e.g. 20200914110532 for Sep. 14, 2020 at 11:05:32 AM).
  4. It’s a few weeks out, mid-October.
  5. This is more of a shipping issue, but it is related to a concertina.... A friend of mine is about to celebrate his 60th birthday, and his wife wants to give him a surprise present. She asked me to buy on her behalf a high-end concertina from Ireland. The concertina has been on her husband's wish list for quite some time. She couldn't order it herself because the charge would show up in the credit card bill. The man would see it and that would spoil the surprise. So I ordered the concertina for her. The seller is very accommodating. He customized the concertina, and shipped promptly. But here is where the nice part of the story ended. The next part is better told by the tracking data from UPS website, in chronological order (I trimmed off the insignificant parts): 08/27/2020 12:46 P.M. Dublin, Ireland Pickup Scan 08/27/2020 6:10 P.M. Dublin, Ireland Origin Scan ..... 08/28/2020 12:10 A.M. Koeln, Germany Arrived at Facility 08/29/2020 2:02 A.M. Koeln, Germany Departed from Facility 08/29/2020 3:40 A.M. Louisville, KY, United States Arrived at Facility 08/30/2020 9:31 A.M. Louisville, KY, United States Import Scan 08/31/2020 11:33 P.M. Louisville, KY, United States Import Scan 09/01/2020 10:58 P.M. Louisville, KY, United States Import Scan 09/02/2020 11:25 P.M. Louisville, KY, United States Import Scan 09/03/2020 11:17 P.M. Louisville, KY, United States Import Scan 09/04/2020 6:23 P.M. - A valid ID # (tax, personal, deferment) required for clearance is missing. .... 09/05/2020 12:37 A.M. Louisville, KY, United States Import Scan Cleared Customs 09/05/2020 10:54 A.M. - Your package was released by the customs agency. 09/05/2020 12:19 P.M. Louisville, KY, United States Departed from Facility 09/05/2020 7:17 P.M. Buffalo, NY, United States Arrived at Facility 09/06/2020 4:24 P.M. Mount Hope, ON, Canada Arrived at Facility 09/07/2020 11:28 P.M. Buffalo, NY, United States Departed from Facility 09/08/2020 4:10 A.M. - Duties or taxes are due on this package. 09/08/2020 4:10 A.M. - Import C.O.D. charges are due for this package. Select Pay Now. 09/08/2020 7:28 A.M. - Your package is being processed at the clearance agency. / Delivery will be rescheduled. 09/08/2020 7:28 A.M. Mount Hope, ON, Canada Warehouse Scan 09/09/2020 3:40 A.M. Mount Hope, ON, Canada Warehouse Scan 09/09/2020 8:45 P.M. Mount Hope, ON, Canada Export Scan 09/09/2020 11:00 P.M. - Severe weather conditions have delayed delivery. Notes: - From Aug. 30 to Sep. 05, the package was stuck in Louisville, KY, with the status "Import Scan," which according to UPS, means "The shipment has cleared import procedures in the receiving country." - The destination is CA, USA, yet the package took a scenic route Louisville, KY, USA -> Buffalo, NY, USA -> Mount Hope, ON, Canada -> Buffalo, NY, USA -> Mount Hope, ON, Canada, and got stuck in Mount Hope, ON, Canada. - Everyday since Aug. 29 after the package allegedly arrived in Louisville, KY, the "Scheduled Delivery" on UPS website was "by 10:30 AM of the next day" (e.g. on Sep. 01, the scheduled delivery would be by 10:30 AM Sep. 02). That was until today when they claimed "Severe weather conditions have delayed delivery." I checked the weather in Mount Hope, ON, Canada, there were no severe weather conditions (73°/48° light drizzle). - I called UPS a few times, and was given conflicting answers by different people. Now UPS wants me to pay about $200 "Import Fees," which according to UPS, are included in the original UPS Express shipping charge already paid for by the shipper. I refused to do so. No matter how much I pushed, they wouldn't tell me why the concertina was imported to and then exported from Mount Hope, ON, Canada ( I kwow that "import fees" is a Canada thing, not a USA thing). I have a feeling the saga will continue.... Please wish me (and the wife of the birthday boy) luck. We need it!
  6. >> I equated them on the other forum as the accordion reeds sounding a bit more like a brass band, while the concertina reeds sound more like woodwinds. Interesting. I came to the same conclusion when comparing a Morse Céilí and a Kensington. But the difference is much more pronounced in "live" listening. Sometimes I prefer brass, sometimes woodwind.
  7. >> CBA will be impossible to find literature for.... I use this book: Complete Accordion Method I have this but dropped it for the one above: Metodo Complete for Accordion (it's OK. but the left hand fingering doesn't suit me). They have both PA and CBA fingering. I think that's sufficient, and then you develop your own fingering, styles, ..... Note that bellows techniques and the left side are the same for PA and for CBA. The only thing CBA can't do (or to be exact, I don't know how to do) is glissando. But how often do you need that? >> an instrument that has more help available online. How much help do you need? Take a look at this forum: The Accordionists Forum I've never counted; but I think for each PA contributor, there's at least one CBA contributor.
  8. If you decide to go with accordion..... I started with PA, just because used ones are abundant and inexpensive on local Craigslist. A year later, I switched to CBA and never looked back. I know of many people switching from PA to CBA but I don't know of anyone switching the other way around. There must be reasons why. To me, the main reason is the CBA's compactness (and me being an engineer, its "logical" button board). Do a quick comparison of two comparable Roland accordions: FR-1X and FR-1Xb. They are identical except for the keyboard (2 octaves) vs the button board (3 octaves). I have no regret starting with PA (otherwise I wouldn't have started with accordion at all). But had I consulted the Oracle, I would have been told to go with CBA in the first place.
  9. Hello David, IMHO, if this is a professional version, it's not too much. I would have ordered one in G/D from Frank last year had I not found a good used Morse Ceili. If it is a professional, you should state so. Also, a note chart would help the potential buyer to make the decision (I don't know what's a "Wheatstone layout with 2 F# buttons" looks like).
  10. I you need a hard case, buy a Pelican Storm Case iM2075 (from a current listing here on this board, or if you need the foam, from Amazon) for about $50 - $60.
  11. Not necessarily. It depends where you are. There are excellent concertina makers/restorers in the US and in Canada. A nice thing (to me at least) is that if you ever need service/support, you don't have to ship across the pond.
  12. Thanks. The music is beautiful. It's mesmerizing watching Caitlin's fingers. I hate her playing. She makes everybody, in particular my wife, to think playing AC so easy. ?
  13. Instead of a Velcro strap, I raided my wife's closet and stole an elastic bra shoulder strap (maybe two, I don't remember). Works great. She hasn't notices it (them) missing yet. ?
  14. >> I wasn't aware that some Irish players have that non-standard layout on the first 2 buttons on the RHS accidentals row In fact, that layout is pretty common. Dana Johnson made it "standard" on his concertinas: Kensington Concertina Standard Key Layout. For my concertina, I asked him to change the first button from C#/C# to D#/C#.
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