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  1. pentaprism

    Mayfair-Type Action

    I received an email from Doug Creighton with Button Box ("the seller" mentioned in my post above). He sent me a photo of a Mayfair model (1) and a photo of the Edley in question (2). One can see their actions are of the same type. For contrast, he also sent a photo of the riveted action in a Minstrel (3). I appreciate his quick response.
  2. pentaprism

    Mayfair-Type Action

    Thanks, Alex. It’s clear now. Regards,
  3. pentaprism

    Mayfair-Type Action

    Thanks again, Bill. I'm also considering a pre-own Edgley Professional, and am glad to hear more endorsement from people who know what they are talking about. I sent email messages to the seller asking for the model of the item in the ad (I guess it's not a Professional, otherwise the ad would state so) and what they meant by "Mayfair-action," but haven't heard from them. My background: I play a bit of accordion (CBA), but am trying to learn something less heavy and more portable.
  4. pentaprism

    Mayfair-Type Action

    Thanks, Bill. But I guess this is not the case. The seller is a very popular concertina store, also a concertina maker. I searched for "Mayfair concertina" and essentially found the same info as in your post. I didn't find anything as "Mayfair action." I am particularly interested because I'm about to buy an Edgley (not necessarily the one in the ad).
  5. I'm new to Anglo concertina. I've seen an ad for a 30B Edgley with "Mayfair-type action." What is it and is it better or worse than other types of action? Thanks.
  6. pentaprism

    2 G/D Anglo Concertinas For Sale

    Joe, Is the Edgley G/D still available?
  7. Hello Joe,


    I'm interest in a G/D 30B Anglo concertina. Please let me know if you have one available.


    This one looks good to me: "Frank Edgley #133, Black body, Metal ends, Wheatstone layout,..."


    -- Hoa Dinh