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  1. Hi Broken Box, I'm no expert and others will have better input, but my first thought is, what type of action does your anglo have? My basic understanding of the mechanics are that the spring has a light interference fit with the surrounding wood so it shouldn't be extremely wedged in there. But regardless you can't get at it with a pliers and if it is a tight fit it may be difficult to remove non destructively. Hopefully I am wrong here (I am interested in building my own anglo one day so knowing what fit the springs have will be handy!). If the spring is made of a material that is f
  2. This is quite inspiring, between this and a video I saw of AP James making one of his Anglos, I want to make my own concertina one day! Will likely never make one to rival a professionally made box but it would still be a joy.
  3. Paper shim has been introduced, and no hammer was used so no worries there, but needs some adjustment still UPDATE: ok so buzzing has been significantly reduced, and by some continuous, loud playing reduced further, I'm going to leave it sealed for the day or so and see if it improves more. There's just the faintest buzz towards the end of the pull. Thanks for all your help and advice and hopefully I wont have to update this thread again!
  4. So its open again, reed is clear, no dirt. Aligned properly too. Valve is fine. I think the issue is the frame not being tight enough in the dovetail though. this reed is significantly easier to remove than the other (even the reed I had initially checked when embarking on this adventure). I'm going to try some very light tapping with a small hammer to see if I can get a better fit but am quite cautious so any frther suggestions welcome. UPDATE: addition of a paper shim means the frame is firmly seated in the dovetail. Buzzing it still there but its now a more consistent volume so
  5. Are you 'the' gcoover? Your books and videos have also been invaluable so thanks for those and the reply. I have sealed it up for the night but I will do that tomorrow and report back! I have taken a look at the reeds previously having thought the tongue was hitting the frame, but will look again under better light.
  6. Apologies for another reed buzz topic! So I recently acquired a Lachenal Anglo as my first concertina and I can't put it down! Until now because reed buzz Completely self inflicted though. I opened it up to check the serial number and check a slow reed (which I fixed) but in doing so I seemed to have caused a buzz in my pull F reed on the left hand side. Its only on the pull, push is fine. I plan to get a copy of David Elliot's book, as it seems an invaluable resource, but in the mean time wondering if I can get some help here. Hopefully the mp3 of the reed in question has upl
  7. Well the update is that I took the plunge, have purchased it! Will hopefully have it early next week (Friday/Saturday if I'm really lucky). The excitement starts now!
  8. Hello everyone! I've been lurking around the forums for some time as I'm an aspiring concertina player and I just want to say thanks for this brilliant resource! I'm an aspiring concertina player, this would be my first foray into folk/trad instruments but I have some musical background. I'm looking at a vintage Lachenal Anglo as my first concertina, it looks to be a mahogany/lightwood model, 30b, steel reeds with a five fold bellows. Its been fully restored and including shipping would cost me around €1100. I know the advice to beginners is often picking up a Wren 2 or similar (ha
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