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  1. Well the update is that I took the plunge, have purchased it! Will hopefully have it early next week (Friday/Saturday if I'm really lucky). The excitement starts now!
  2. Hello everyone! I've been lurking around the forums for some time as I'm an aspiring concertina player and I just want to say thanks for this brilliant resource! I'm an aspiring concertina player, this would be my first foray into folk/trad instruments but I have some musical background. I'm looking at a vintage Lachenal Anglo as my first concertina, it looks to be a mahogany/lightwood model, 30b, steel reeds with a five fold bellows. Its been fully restored and including shipping would cost me around €1100. I know the advice to beginners is often picking up a Wren 2 or similar (handy as McNeela's is Irish and relatively local) but I'd like an instrument that I can grow into, that I can't put down and that will hold some of its value. Nothing against the Wren but I don't think it meets these. I have a two questions though, firstly as to the quality of these concertinas, I know they are the lower end Lachenals. Secondly, will a five fold bellows be enough for playing Irish tunes and shanties? I've heard 6 fold is the standard and 5 might leave me gasping for air. I am open to alternative suggestions! Thanks in advance for any replies!
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