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Bellows papers for a Crabb

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Hi All,


I'm thinking of selling a 1940s Crabb, 30K anglo, metal ends. Currently it has all black leather bellows, no tooling. Two questions, does anyone have thoughts on whether vintage instruments sell better with the bling factor of bellows papers, and if so what would be an appropriate style for a Crabb?


I'm minded to sell as is, though I have had an experience where I have sold a restored instrument on ebay, only for the buyer to add papers and sell it for considerably more (than it was worth, in my opinion!).




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Do you still have the Crabb 30 key...? I have a Crabb 40 key and may be interested if you still have it (BTW mine is ungilded and black bellows... plays like a dream and I couldn't care less about bling! :) )

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A general principle of selling antique items is to leave them as they are with the most basic cleaning, or preferably doing nothing.  Sticking new papers on bellows that never had them will reduce the value of your concertina.

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