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From a long chat with Geoffrey Crabb recently an interesting theme emerged. Geoff calls parts of the concertina by names I have never heard. When questioned he rattled off a few more and said as far as he knows they were relatively universal in the concertina business.


An example is the part usually called pads; he called them "pallets". And the small leather grommet just above the pallet he called the "pill". The slot in the reedpan in which the reed tongue moves is a "wind slot". The reed shoe turns out to be a "reed frame".


Does anyone have an idea how universal these names were..? If there was an industry standard set of terms it would be great to know what they were.





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I've generally heard concertina pads called pads. Pallets are similar items on accordions.


The little grommety thingees on top of the pads we call "dots". I don't know what other people call those. Steve Dickinson has a parts listing sheet for many items but doesn't provide this item.


Reed shoes we call reed shoes, though I hear a number of people refer to them as reed frames. We sometimes do too. Reed plates are usually associated with reed frames with multiple reeds (as accordions typically have).


The "slot" in the reedpan - or in the reed shoe - we call a "vent". For this item I hear more people use the term "slots".

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The nomenclature I used in my maintenance book was by and large arrived at from Steve Dickinson in discussions over quite a long time.


I do find these variations in terms confusing, I know pads as 'pads', the leather discs on top of the pads as: 'mounts', the leather bit that the tip of the arm goes through and attaching to the pad 'mount', either as 'beads' or 'grommets' (nothing to do with wallace). Why grommet I don't know, it seems an entirely wrong werd.


'Keys' are also known as 'buttons', and even 'pins', or 'studs'???


So I defined my terms and used pictures, as I was taught on entering industry as a baby engineer, a very long time ago!



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