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Insurance Valuation

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My insurer is requesting a formal current valuation for my concertina - within 14 days. ( have one from about 15 years ago by Colin Dipper, but prices have moved around since then)

Any recomendations on who could do this for me? I'm near Rugby in the UK .


Normally I would drive off to someone (hopefully not too far away) and bring it back with me but in the current pandemic this is not so easy.

My wife has also had to have her piano valued, and the bloke for that, although only a few miles away, did that over the net with photographs and serial numbers etc.

Unfortunately the concertina is a Jeffries, so no serial number.


Any suggestions?




PS: Much as I'd love a trip to Barleycorn etc., it could prove financially risky (.i.e I'd come back with more concertinmas that I went with!)



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Many years ago I needed an insurance valuation fairly quickly - I drove to Hobgoblin in Leeds to have this carried out.  I rang ahead of time to ensure their concertina specialist would be available.  I think they charged me a modest fee for the service.

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Many thanks for all your suggestions.


As it happens a regular contributor here offered to do this for me, and the insurer has accepted is letter of valuation.

More than that, he has refused to take any payment, and would prefer to remain anonymous. However I have made a contribution to concertina.net to mark my appreciation.


What a great community this is.


Thanks all,





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