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Hayden Slant and Mirrored Sides

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Over in the "Buy and Sell" forum there is a thread titled "wtb Wakker W-2" which has drifted far from its original intent.  Since i want to make a comment that would take it even further afield, i decided to start a new topic here.


This question about whether a slant is optimum for a Hayden duet or not has ignored the fact that on a usual Hayden (in which the sides are not mirrored) the functionality of the individual fingers on the two hands differs.  So far as i can see, the "fact" that a given configuration works better for the right hand does not mean that it will also work better for the left hand -- unless, of course, the left hand button arrangement mirrors that of the right hand (to the extent that it can, with usually fewer buttons).


I, of course, am an advocate for a mirrored left hand arrangement because (1) it allows almost automatic transfer of finger memory from the right hand to the left hand, making it relatively easy for beginners to play melody or phrases with the left hand an octave or two lower (simultaneously with the right hand or not) and (2) so far as i can imagine, collectively it is no harder to play chords with a mirrored left hand (although some individual chords may be easier with one arrangement or the other).


Anyway, it seems like it would be easier to determine whether a slant works better for the hands of a given player if the two sides are mirrored.



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Hello!. Only to remember a lot of interesting opinions about the hayden slant were covered in the thread "Starting Out On Hayden Duet, Advice?".here

Some questions are, however, still on the air, as example: after Rich Morse's convincing arguments in favour to slant, finnally the Beaumont Hayden has parallel...


In other hand... Ron, the obscure temptation of choising a mirrored left layout (wicky  style)...is strong for me...(Master Joda...where are you right now!!!)?


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