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WTB - F Tenor English Concertina

Myrtle's cook

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Has any one on the forum got one of these they might be thinking of selling? I would expect such an instrument to have most likely been for band use and have fewer keys than usually encountered.


To avoid any confusion, I am not looking for a standard tenor/tenor treble (I have these already).


Please PM me if you might have such a box you'd be willing to sell. Thanks for looking.

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I owned one of these and sold it on a couple of years ago.  35 button from memory.   It had been restored by David Robertson.  It looked and played like new.  I'll ask the current owner if he is interested in selling. 

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I love F-Tenors. Over the years I had two original Lachenal new-models in that range.

They have the same range as a normal tenor, but will play one fifth down, if fingered like a treble, but one row down.

But as I collect Aeolas, I wanted some in that range.

In fact it is quite easy to change from tenor to F-tenor.

First of all ( and easy to try ) exchange all B und Bflat reeds ( they have the same size ).

If you are happy enough with that layout, you will have to tune down or exchange all Eflat reeds to C#.


I changed a couple of my Aeolas to the F-range - including a baritone-treble, which now plays a fifth below tenor-treble, if fingered like a tenor-treble...


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