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Rincum Ditty

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When I was a child we often had (when we had enough money for meat) a dish my father called Rincum Ditty which consisted of elbow macaroni, a can of stewed tomatoes, chopped onion and loose ground beef.  As I was fiddling around with the concertina yesterday the two embraced each other in my mind and I started making up a little tune in their honor.  The phrase also struck me as a great band name (I hear bye claim it).  Looking for definitions I came up with the old English "rinc" = warrior or "rincum" = warriors, and for ditty, a simple tune of course or a sailors "kit".  There also seems to be a musical meaning for rincum as a short stanza or some such but I can't pin it down.  So my loose translation is some blend like "Soldiers Supper Song" or "Warrior's Lunch Box".  Also the concertina could be considered a part of a sailors (or warrior's) essential "kit".  Is anyone here familiar with the phrase or would you have any other associations, connotations or definitions?

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41 minutes ago, Wolf Molkentin said:

eager to hear the tune then... 😊


Ah yes.  I knew it the moment I hit send!  I'll be happy to comply soon.  It'll be around a year mid May since I sat down with earnest intent.  I'm happy with my progress so I'll shoot for that.  Maybe a couple of composed tunes as I seem to learn faster that way.  I'll have to learn how to do it with this cheap chrome book though.  Thanks for the gentle prod....😏

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