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Monthly Reminder

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FOLKS: with october 1st nearing. . . .thought i'd post this reminder about the survey being conducted by the CSFRI. . . . .we're trying to draw a portrait of the "typical/hypothetical" concertina player. . . .demographic, cultural, concertina-specific. . . . . so if you have not yet filled out our questionnaire and would like to do so, go to the CSFRI website: http://web.gc.cuny.edu/freereed and scroll down the navigation bar to the Survey. . . . . .it can all be done via computer. . . .confidentiality is guaranteed. . . . . .and we'll post the tabulated results early in 2004.............Allan

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I just sent in my answers, having realized that I had not revisited it since various omissions were corrected early in the process.


I still think there is much missing from the questionnaire. For instance, item III.3 asks:

If you would describe yourself as being something less than an advanced player, would you consider beginning/resuming formal instruction with a teacher if it were convenient to do so?

But nowhere are we asked to rate our concertina playing, although we *are* asked to rate our playing of other instruments.


Also, I believe other questions I suggested first time around, like those regarding familiarity with music theory or with the internal workings of the instrument would be of interest to the survey.


But I'm not going to answer it a third time.

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DEAR TOM: don't think there's any need to. . . . .i assume it reached us. . . . .thanks for asking. . . . . .


about my october 1st (actually september something or other) monthly reminder: it did what it was supposed to do. . . . .we had gone about two or perhaps even three weeks without a single response. . . . . .since the reminder went out, we've begun to receive a trickle. . . . . .thus i'll post three other monthly reminders. . . .on or around the first of november, december, and the final one in january. . . . . . .


at this point, i honestly have no idea how many responses we've received. . . . .but whatever it is, the number is not overwhelming. . . . . .again, the data will be all the more meaningful if its based on more -- rather than fewer -- responses........................allan

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