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Irish Trad in Venice

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Hello All!

My Dad just turned 80, so I wanted to go on a trip with him and suggested that we go to Ireland to hear some tunes and he said: "Meh, howsabout Venice!" So I'm off to Venice today. Any recommendations? Any sessions I should seek out or music shops I should make it a point to get to?



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On 10/23/2018 at 3:16 PM, d.elliott said:

I was in Venice a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to find there were two Irish pubs, but my wife wanted to max out on things Venetian, or at least Italian....

We did get to the Irish pub, but there football trumped music. And we didn't find any music shops to speak of. Still, a good trip!

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So you were in Venice while I was in Spain and Morocco. I found a few accordions but no concertinas. Still a wonderful experience. 

BUT today I finally played my Concertina for the first time in weeks. It was a joy

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