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Need A New Button For My Stagi. Where Can I Get Spare Parts?

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My English Concertina (stagi tenor treble 56 key) lost one of its metal buttons. The lower part broke. Is there any way out there to get a new one? Or is there hope, that the original button can be fixed?

I include a picture of the button and a picture of the action I finally managed to open, so you can see, what I need.

If everything fails I may use the button of a rarely used note to fill the gap… but of course, I would prefer it to be "really" fixed

Any hints?


PS: Don't buy this stagi model! Really badly made.



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should be able to get one. But you can use a high quality tight fitting rubber tubbing slip over the bottom of the button allowing a hole to be cut either precut or peirced by the lever arm . The sort of tubbing used in barrel organs, medical pumps or small high quality fuel lines such as model aircraft etc . only need a small piece.Cant see the repair when reassembled.could experiment with other tubes.

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hi MEULEBROEK - I have the same problem - I have a 48 button THE GREMLIN with some broken buttons which look identical to the one in your photo - did you manage to get hold of some replacements - or a supplier



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I think one of the posters was referring to silicone tubing used for model airplane fuel lines. I fixed an old red pearlized paper bellowed italian made 20 button that used rubber tubing instead of springs for the action. The original rubber had gotten dried out. In this case it was put on the end part of the button to provide the bounce. The stuff was very stable, cuts with scissors and lasts for ages. If you go this route you will need to find the right size to slip on and stay on. Alternatively contacting Alex Holden or the Button Box may yield replacements. Good luck with your fix.

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