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  1. should be able to get one. But you can use a high quality tight fitting rubber tubbing slip over the bottom of the button allowing a hole to be cut either precut or peirced by the lever arm . The sort of tubbing used in barrel organs, medical pumps or small high quality fuel lines such as model aircraft etc . only need a small piece.Cant see the repair when reassembled.could experiment with other tubes.
  2. High this concertina has now passed on to another player at cost. Thank you very much and have learned a bit. Back to Anglo. cheers
  3. Not Found The requested URL /museum.html was not found on this server.
  4. Hi had a thread on this under general discussion. Concertina System Identification HelpStarted by folkloristmark, Dec 22 2017 05:54 PM Pictures there also. Is anyone interesting in making a reasonable offer in the low hundreds as it is unique but then not going to be worth much and I am an anglo system player.
  5. Hi Thanks. I am not really up in music theory and play Anglo.I started on English and got nowhere from zero.It would be interesting to return with some musical knowledge now.I would say that there is an overlap that makes it feel duet, this unisonic world is still quite new to me. I cant make sense of it with a side to side approach. The CDAB are in the same range on the thumb ends.I can see not pattern repeat at all. I assume it is like the qwerty keyboard ,needs to be memorised as a whole and the notes are place to be ergonomical friendly.I have given it a try and will try to practice to at least get some tunes but I dont think that will last. It would be very helpfull to know what key and music style it is ment for. I was tempted to convert it but I do agree its a shame as someone has put a lot of work into creating it. It would also be quite hard as the buttons run in an anglo direction rather than a duet and new reeds would be needed . Should I try it in Buy and sell? I can see its not going to be worth a fortune,would be happy for money and costs back.I hoped it was diatonic and thought it would at least be a regular system if english.Is there anyone out there who would like a swap for a square concertina or Bandonica?Diatonic. Merry christmas and a happy new year to all.
  6. Thanks do you have a take on the idea behind it. The notes are close but no repeating patterns.Is it related to any duet systems.And what keys is it best for.Did Peter play a regular concertina.It is very well biult so was it a one off. Kind regards
  7. Still no luck but I have a lead from melodeon.net. I guess the maker/inventor must be Peter Guy Mattingley (1931-2010), whose obituary (it seems) appears on page 20 of Concertina World;2011, Issue 448, June 6, 2011 - but I don't have access to it.. Any one got a copy please.
  8. Hi as stated unisonic. Made as is, well constructed, biulder knew what they were doing.Does the name Peter Mattingley possible north London club or band leader ring any bells. I did see a resemblance of a group of six notes to a Jefferies duet system but only if you turned the layout through 90 degrees and mirror imaged it.!!!!He made a couple a year so there must be others. I have a maybe false memory of a post of a similar self biuld in a forum some time ago. I have number the scale ,Pic right hand, starting C second row start down third row to D down fourth row up/ to E one button back F jump to top row G etc with numbers 1 -15 over the two octave progression finish 15 C end minus one second row if that helps. kind regards
  9. Have this concertina good biuld hohner reeds unisonic.Only information I have." It was made by my late step father Peter Mattingley and has never been used, just kept in it's box." He made a couple a year and may have run a club in north London. It does not appear to be an English or a duet system? . Posting two pictures of the lay out it seems as random as you can get.Lay out is Low to high from left to right. The air buttons are notes.It may be a Querty type system were the notes are easy placed as to use? Any help advice appreciated no good for me but am intrigued.
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