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What Does The Red "block" Mean In The Message Section

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I think there may be a problem with my participating in the messaging section. For one of the participants in C.net, the red "Block" entry appears. Does that mean I've accidentally Blocked receiving messages from him (unintentional) or has he blocked my messages?

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You my not have a problem at all IMO.


Is it just a "block" appearing underneath the name of the other participant? that would simply be the button you shouldn't hit if you'd want further communicating with him or her... (however, it had been puzzling me at some point too).


Best wishes - Wolf

Edited by Wolf Molkentin
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Thanks for the reply. I hadn't considered the possibility that the red "block" item would allow me to block someone; Rather I was thinking somone had blocked receipt of my messages to him.


Anyway, end of problem; we have regained communication.

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