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Fixing An Anglo Air Button

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I'm trying to do some restoration on a small George Jones concertina. It needs alot of work but first up is the non-functioning air button. I think this could be very easy.


Here is a picture of the sprung air-button hinge.





Perhaps all I need to do is re-glue that leather to the block? Or should I replace that piece of leather hinge altogether? It looks to me like the leather is in still usable shape but kinked from being off for so long.


The concertina needs at least 1 pad and has no straps or strap buttons, but I see those readily on eBay. Everything else is there.


(slightly off my own topic but the inside of my Wheatstone looks a lot nicer than the George Jones)



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If the leather seems at all damaged or stiff replace it, otherwise glue it.


While trying to glue it a small hole made itself known via extruding glue, but I'm going to just glue it and see how well it works. I removed it from the reed plate and its being glued held under weight. I'm getting some end bolts, pads and straps but I'm not touching tuning.


Update 9/25/16: it works just fine. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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