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Tune Of The Month For November, 2014: Trollspolska

Jim Besser

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......wow! do I sound good when I "duet" with Danny or Tradman!!!!!........snort.....

Ha ha- I know that feeling!


An interesting thing is when I try to play along with the fiddler here


the organ part seems to become much more noticeable - my addled brain thinks the nice music must be me!

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Here's my recording of Trollspolska. I play it as a bodapolska which is the traditional way it's played and danced in Sweden. The hambo version seems to have come out of New England and from there crossed back to Sweden.

attachicon.gif10 - Trollpolska.mp3


Here's a YouTube video of me playing a Swedish hambo:

That's really marvelous. I play Anglo, but those harmonies are enough to give a fellow English envy.


Bob Michel

Near Philly

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