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A Couple Of Songs - Barbara Allen And A Rich Young Man He Courted Me

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Both recorded on my 'phone with no editing - my trusty Maccann duet being pressed into service...


Barbara Allen: http://soundcloud.com/5357311/barbara-allen-tune-2


A Rich Young Man He Courted Me: https://soundcloud.com/5357311/a-rich-young-man-he-courted-me

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Fantastic Barbara Allan!


Since I'm just making first steps in self-accompanied singing (see link below) I take further inspiration from this. Love that meditative, hypnotic style!


Thank you for sharing!

Best wishes - Wolf


Thanks, Wolf. Glad you enjoyed them.


I'm very keen on keeping accompaniments as simple as possible. It's very easy to over-complicate things, I think, and I've certainly been guilty of that in the past - so I've been consciously paring everything back to essentials only.

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Hello Stuart,


as already mentioned elsewhere I recently started with your version and adapted it to my style, now recorded "live" with no cuts. This is in no way meant as an improvement (see my instant commenting above), just a reply in order to communicate via the music.


I'm not content with the outcome as yet; takes 1 and 2 where more successfull in some respects, but this is the most consistent recording of mine as yet. Already having invested more time than it would have been conducive for a peaceful home I leave it at that for the moment. Work in progress.




Best wishes and thank you again for providing your inspiring recording - Wolf

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