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56-key ebony-ended Aeola Baritone for sale...

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Kevin, there is a major difference between a Baritone and a baritone-treble- even if that is not evident from the range:


A baritone will sound one octave below treble, if fingered like a treble. This is useful for concertina-band-work, as most concertina-band-music is written in treble-clef for all ranges ( piccolo, treble, baritone, bass ). So you can practise on a treble and perform on a bass with the same fingering.


A baritone-treble will sound like a treble if fingered like a treble and basically is a tenor-treble extended down once more. If you only play single-line music, a BT doesn't make much sense, but if you want to play more complex music with accompaniment and chords, it is great!


I have three BTs: a model 15, a model 16 plus a 52-key special - and a couple of baritones from 48 to 64 key...


PS: I keep mentioning that I love F-tenors: They sound one fifth below treble, if fingered like a treble ( but one row down ) - a lovely range to play in and sing to. Of course one can do the same on a TT or BT, but with an altered fingering from treble.


By swapping a few reeds ( and eventually changing a few ) one can convert a TT or BT to F-tenor range! My favourite Model 15 BT now plays like a TT, but a fifth down!


I have seen and owned a few Lachenal original F-tenors ( they were popular with the salvation army ), but I never came across an original F-tenor Aeola!?

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Yes, I guessed that as per my post, but didn't know the terminology used to explain the difference between extended-mode and otherwise.


Great to know that there is the option to have each. I'd presume that it's model 20/20a that has the 'unrelated-to-treble' keyboard


My TT has the low F3 one 5th below the middle C on the left side. Fortunately the TT range goes down to C3 on the right. I would need these extra lower notes if I were to play with either swapped keyboard sides and/or row positions.


I'm still a bit unclear on how all the models compare, button/layout-position wise, until I can actually have a feel and/or compare Audio/Visual clips. So, I'll dream on for the moment.


I'm communicating with Buttonbox on it and it happens to be the case that their two baritone Aeolas are of the extended variety so that it maps with my TT, but the other (non-extended) mode would be equally fine as I've said, if not better for me.


ps I'm glad you've found/understand your preferred ranges too.

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