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Nordic tunes


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23 minutes ago, steven r. arntson said:

Great material, excellent playing, and a wonderful arrangement! I've been recently interested in music written for the hardanger fiddle, and hadn't known of any concertina players who were doing this kind of thing--it's inspiring to hear it done so well. Thanks for posting this!

Many thanks.

I play almost exclusively Nordic music on concertina - especially for dance.

I'm hoping to play for dance at a festival in Sweden in a few weeks time.

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Here is a short video of me playing for dancing, together with Jamie Huddleston on guitar.


We're playing a tune called Impis Vals'n - a Finnish waltz that I believe was collected in northern Sweden from Finnish refugees just after WW2.


Jamie and I played a set of Finnish tunes that included tango, jenka, humppa and waltz, but unfortunately only this short clip was recorded.



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It's been quite a while since I last posted any Nordic tunes.


Here are a set of tunes that Gill Redmond (cello) and I played for dancing about 2 years ago.


The set also features shruti box and härjedalspipa.




also this waltz




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