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Wheatstone Ledgers


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Hello everybody,


in the Wheatstone ledgers my concertina has the word "(Valve)" written in brackets.


My concertina has 92 valves. What does it mean?


Here is the page: http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD02/PAGES/D2P0410L.HTM

I have a 46key Maccann, serial number 30754.


Thank you.



My guess is that it refers to your concertina having an air valve - surprisingly not always a standard fitting I've noticed.

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Valve = Ventil (these little leather things next to the reed)

air valve = Luftknopf



I was told it depends on the power of the bellows x the number of folds.

Also the more expensive the model the more valves - the well known Italian maker Lamborghinis for example may start with 48 valves. The valve lets the exhaust gas out or shuts the flow of gases as you pull and push spo you get a different noise.

You can get Chinese Lamborghini valves here




or English valves from here:



and some folk use these (adapted to match old)



or you can go modern with

vinyl, again match to suit old size thickness


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