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wheatstone on ebay

John D

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That one has already been listed by him before and yanked at the last minute when it wasn't bringing his outrageous price expectations. I wish eBay would just kick him off for all the rule violations he's undoubtedly accumulated. But they keep making money off him -- sale or no sale!


Ross Schlabach

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Having failed to get a bid with a starting price of £1,990, he now thinks he'll have better luck starting at £2,190 instead. Must be the January Sales.



The last attempt to sell the Wheatstone was also at a greatly increased starting bid of £3,900, so my previous guess of a slow Dutch auction was completely wrong.


Maybe he doesn't want to sell them in a hurry. Maybe if you are a dealer, having good-looking premium concertinas frequently up for sale is good advertising, even if you don't sell them.

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