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  1. At least I assume it's a duet .. too many buttons to be an anglo http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Concertina-Accordian-Music-Instrument-Jefferies-Bros-Circa-1905-London-/281983618383? $3K buy-it-now still active ..
  2. I'm the current owner of this box, and unfortunately I need to turn it into cash to cover expenses during an unanticipated layoff from work Please PM me to discuss .. it's not listed anywhere else at the moment.
  3. Personally I think a beginner is better of with a Rochelle at half the price and a generous trade-in policy .. or watch ebay for an older Bastari Or if you think you can survive with 26 buttons for a while, I believe Greg had some in his 'concertina pyramid' ..
  4. Nice deal! If I didn't already own #333 I'd be sending you a money order This is a good catch for anyone in the US looking for an upgrade from a Rochelle ..
  5. I think that expectation comes from the band/orchestral instrument marketplace where your statement is true for many common instruments, and those entry-level instruments are perform reasonably well. Concertinas (and other 'fringe' instruments) are a different beast, generally made by artisans, and the entry-level is much higher (as it is for e.g. a bassoon, which will cost you the same as a good hybrid for a starter model)
  6. something like this is very similar (though not red): http://www.ebay.com/itm/Concertina-Accordion-Anglo-30-key-with-hard-case-New-/171026858164
  7. the link you include is *NOT* an ebay link! Hover over it, it goes to eb4ay.com .. clearly a phishing scam
  8. Likely it's the 'tina rather than your playing .. You can always take the end off and examine the reed mounting (probably in blocks of 5) .. the draw reed should be visible and you can carefully bend it to move the tip a small bit at a time. Compare the reed to it's neighbors to get a feel for where the end should be sitting ..
  9. heh .. I developed this exact solution independently after falling in love with a Dipper with curved handles at the Button Box .. my only problem is I'm always losing the foam pieces. And I was scolded by Betram Levy for using a crutch I've now got a couple of 3D Printers and I'm playing around with printing replacement handles for my Edgely
  10. Be sure and read the entire "About" section while listening "The dance movements have been deliberately avoided, as well as the handkerchief thrashing and stick clashing, since as a rank amateur it's just too difficult to do all that and play concertina at the same time."
  11. I use these as well .. and it should be pointed out that they come in two versions, one designed to go into the F-hole on a violin, the other has a magnetic strip inside the unit and comes with an adhesive-backed steel plate you mount in the case. Of course the adhesive doesn't work well on fuzzy stuff inside the case, so I bolted it on with a couple of tiny M2 flathead machine bolts and nuts.
  12. for the price of a pretty good hybrid .. http://www.whisperroom.com/gallery-sound-booth-models.php?galleryDetailTabs=1# they're very effective, I have a friend who plays the tenor saxophone in NYC and has one in his apartment they can actually be found used at reasonable prices occasionally (at least in the US)
  13. John D


    Upwards. It's really lucky for him he hadn't had any bids yet, he might have been at risk of selling it for too little money. I'm guessing he revises the price based on number of inquiries, and this thread likely generated a few ..
  14. John D


    Prepare to be blocked!
  15. heh .. I guess I don't have an appreciation for what can be done in the way of restoration, and from what I've read (mostly here) there's no guarantee that what you end up with will be the 'tina of your dreams I was referring to areas adjacent to the valves, most obvious in the center of the right side (if I recall correctly) .. of course it's hard to really tell from pictures, I wish I had gotten a peek before it went away .. almost looks like a bit of dry-rot.
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