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I know it's a minor thing to complain about, and probably more trouble to change than is worth the effort (especially if it requires Invision making the change in their product, rather than just altering a current setting), but...

The display format for "Recent Topics Added", which runs an unquoted Topic Title together with the credit to the individual who started the Topic, can occasionally produce a disturbing misstatement. The latest example is "
Tenor Banjo Stolen in Portland, Oregon by David Levine

Now I know very well what is meant, but I still had to look at it twice, then shake my head. I do wish there were some way to at least put quotes around the Topic Title.

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I clicked the little x in the top corner of that window and it went away. It even stayed away when I quit my browser, restarted it and returned.



That's my problem! I unintentionally clicked the little x and the little window showing new stuff went away - and now I can't get it back! I've gone through my profile options but haven't found it...


Please can someone tell me how to get that nice little box in the upper right hand corner of my saved forum tab back!!!


Thanks in advance,


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