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    Interests: Music. Tradiitional Scottish music. Cape Breton Music. Irish, Breton, Swedish, Macedonian, Moldovian, Old Time, fluit concertina ... music. (Plus Vaughan Williams, Beethove, Mahler, Bach, Brahms, Shumann, Haydn, Handel, Racmaninoff...

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  1. Also, while paypal will endeavour to return your money to you if it's a scam, that's not always possible, and there may be a limit. I raised a dispute with paypal over a falsely advertised expensive mountain bike that my son bought - I did get my money back, but there was a lot of work to provide evidence in the dispute, and then it took paypal nearly a year to get the money as the seller had emptied his paypal account before the dispute proceeded. So, definitely proceed with care... aha - the listing has been removed. Well done for reporting it.
  2. I missed this thread... been too busy playing at college! I started on Boehm flute at 9, took up oboe and cor anglais til I was 18. I played folk guitar at university and hugely regret selling my gibson acoustic... bought for a song, sold for more. Then I had a 30 year break from music, after which I played the piano for a decade - but it was too lonely... So I went back to wooden flute ten years ago, so I could join in the local trad sessions. I then wanted to diversify so I dabbled in piano accordion (too big for a small person to carry around), small pipes (to loud for a retiring small person to manage)... and accidentally discovered the concertina... which I still love playing, along with the wooden flute. I've been doing a college foundation music course - and have gone back to playing the Boehm flute so I can join the wind band and baroque band... so that's the three for me now: wooden flute, silver flute and english concertina. But I do find myself hankering to learn the guitar... Pamela
  3. The Butler Tutor Book 1 is available as a download on the internet - message me if you can't find it. And as a plug for the ICA (International Concertina Association) - if you join it, you can ask the librarian for a pdf copy of the Butler 2 tutor. Plus heaps of other sheet music, interesting magazines etc. etc. Pamela
  4. It usually meets in the two back rows of the Swaledale Squeeze's scratch ceilidh band! Much fun is had... and btw, you can now easily renew your ICA subscriptions with PayPal... so no need to even write a cheque! I'm renewed - and looking forward to next year's concertina.net reminder. Thanks.
  5. Sorry to be cynical... but I don't believe the story, at all. I have raised a couple of disputes with PayPal - one was for an expensive bicycle that my son wilfully purchased. The PayPal dispute was handled entirely by email and through the website. The faulty item had to be sent back to the seller. After we did this, it transpired that the seller had removed all his funds so no refund was possible immediately. PayPal pursued the case through the courts, with no further input from us, and nearly a year later we received a refund in full. Destroying an item incorrectly sold is not PayPal's style... at all. Nevertheless, I wouldn't buy an expensive musical instrument through PayPal because the level of insurance is lower than that of a good credit card company.
  6. How wonderful! Thanks for the heads up! Pamela
  7. Some modern tunes, and a lovely scandinavian tune that I play, just take a different route. Chris Stout's Hamnataing, for example, is played AA BB CC BB. The scandinavian tune that I'm thinking of (which I have never known the name of) is played AA BB CC DD A It's the joy of traditional music!
  8. Such a terrible thing to happen in such a small, peaceful country. I hope you can all recover and move forward into peace again. regards, Pamela
  9. That should have read, it WAS back. As soon as I posted the previous message it disappeared again, so there must be some setting that recognized my user and turned it off. edited: But this time there was a small blue leftfacing arrow - and when I pressed that, it came back again! So it must be an option, but once it's closed (press x) then it takes the option away. Px
  10. It's back! I'm a Mac user, so I emptied the cache (that didn't work), then reset Safari including deleting all cookies and it came back! Unfortunately, I'll now have to log into all ofthe websites I regularly use and get my cookies back again. Perhaps if there is work on the forum software, this could be added as an option? But thanks everyone for your comments, and it's nice to have it back! pamela
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. But I tried all the settings and the box still won't come back. best, Pamela
  12. I used to have a nice little box in the right hand corner of my concertina.net forum screen that showed one line new postings... I unintentionally clicked the little x the little box went away - and now I can't get it back! I've gone through my profile options but haven't found it... Please can someone tell me how to get that nice little box in the upper right hand corner of my saved forum tab back!!! Thanks in advance, Pamela (I posted this in the Forum Questions... forum but haven't received a reply so thought I would try here).
  13. That's my problem! I unintentionally clicked the little x and the little window showing new stuff went away - and now I can't get it back! I've gone through my profile options but haven't found it... Please can someone tell me how to get that nice little box in the upper right hand corner of my saved forum tab back!!! Thanks in advance, Pamela
  14. A friend of mine has just listed her "second" Wheatstone EC on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Wheatstone-English-Concertina-48key-metal-ended-/280692627763?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item415a959933#ht_500wt_1156 Great value.
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