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Classical on English vs Duet


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Blast your bandon**ns. They sound awful.



Oh, come now. Regardless of how they sound, if concertina playing school was developed half of bandoneon school, we all would be much better off.


Watching the vide below reminded me of the comment above.




The video was recorded during the final exam for the player's sixth year of bandoneon studies.


I do agree with Mischa.



PS Technically speaking, the bandoneon is a concertina, anyway



And given that, I felt his classical pieces (Bach, Chopin (esp.) were more on-off. Didn't have much of a feel compared to modern compositions.

6 years of study you say? Only 6? Wow!

So yes, compared to what's out there, we are better off sticking to oom-pa folk dances, for which EC is not so good. I'm actually quite lost, to be frank.

And Bandoneon is referred to as concertina. Which it is both technically and in any other way. If you play Anglo, you'll be playing standard Bandoneon in few seconds.

It's almost identical to 40 or 50 button Anglo, only it has more logical and standardized mechanism and reed placement. They're huge though. I was very surprised when I held one for the first time. I wasn't aware that it's cubical and has such a bulk. It immediately put me off.



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