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How to start on 20 button?


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Did I miss the photo??????????

Who knows he could be sitting on a special edition Jeffrie Crabb adapted by Vicker Lachenal of Wheatstone & Telegraph and sold by Crane and Sons for the Grand Tour by Prinz Chemnitzer leaving Liverpool on the Titanic and worth thousands after refurb..... :ph34r: :ph34r:

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Highly amusing. Yes, but I was enjoying the specific personal responses of people who seemed knowledgeable as well as nice (for the most part).
What's a Chemnitzer?
Ever heard of Google? Or Wikipedia?http://en.wikipedia....tzer_concertina

is a video of c.net member Ted Kloba doing a great job of playing one.
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Try checking the buttons using the Graham Patent 20 Anglo Chart for Beginners

OH DEAR... I did a booboo - if you used thE 20-button Anglo Lachenal layout posted here earlier (in Feb), then my apologies - it was wrong. Sorry:


I have now put a revised one below for dummies like me to sellotape on wood on left and right of your bellows.

CAPS for PUSH (blow) and lower case letters for PULL (suck). Of course that may just be the way mine are laid out so you may need to alter.......... Also when you cut and paste you might need to line up letters above each other - can't get it to do here. Will try to attach a Word file


C G C E G C row

g b d f a


B D G B D G row

c f# a c e Caps PUSH small PULL This is LEFT side


C E G C E C row

b d f a b


G B D G B G row

f# a c e f# Caps PUSH small PULL This is right side



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