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Concertina insurance in the UK

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Yes, I spoke to Joe, too. He was very helpful. My advice is to give them a call, or email Joe and ask him to ring you back, then you can get the policy sorted over the phone and all the paperwork emailed to you.



Up until now I've had my instruments insured on my household policy and it was costing me a fortune for which probably wasn't a particularly good cover.


After many phonecalls to insurance companies I've just taken out insurance for my concertinas and melodeons with New Moon.

I phoned them and spoke to Joe who was most knowlegeable, helpful and is himself a very experienced musician.


It was a very easy process. I just listed all the instruments and their individual values, seperating those that I play in the band etc. from those that stay at home and was given a quote immediately. No photos or proof of purchase required, although obviously if you need to make a claim you would almost certainly need some proof of ownership, photos etc.


The cover I chose even includes theft from a locked car (not that I would ever leave my beloved Jeffries in a car).

Another attractive feature of this policy is there is no excess.


In all I think they offer a very good cover for a reasonable price.



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Hi Guys,


Sorry to shamefully bump the thread!


I'm Joe from Newmoon Insurance.


Just wanted to let everyone know that we are around to offer any assistance you require with regards to the insurance, and anyone quoting Concertina.net will recieve a 10% discount from our normal rates.


if anyne has any questions please give me a call on: 01892 600716 and i will be happy to help.



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I have just insured my concertinas with Newmoon insurance. I spoke to a chap called Joe Carne (email Joe.Carne@newmooninsurance.com) and was dealt with in a very helpful and friendly manner.




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Just renewed my insurance with Allianz and they're now letting you pay monthly by direct debit with no interest charges. Cover at just under £1500 works out as £3.44 a month. This includes theft from unattended car, performances,and international cover.

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I switched my insurance to Newmoon just today and saved over £80 on the premium. Definitely worth a look.



Steve, I was interested to learn more, so I just checked out the New Moon site, but was unable to proceed past section ONE of their Quotations Section.


As a result, I'm not impressed with their website ... sorry, but it doesn't really give me much confidence in the company itself. After all, the website is their shop window. :(





P.S. I decided to phone Joe instead & did find him very helpful.

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