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Found 7 results

  1. I'm planning a trip to Italy this fall for a couple of months of eating delicious food, meeting cool people, and making a few videos. On this trip, I'm planning to spend some time in Castlefidario, where there are a few accordion makers still in business. I have brought my concertina along on previous trips, and it's been a bit of a conversation starter. While the word would appear to have an italian origin, the instrument is mostly unknown. I'd really like to find the Stagi or Bastari factory and shoot some video there. I assumed it was made near Castlefidario but no one in the neighborhood that I have spoke with has any idea about Stagi. Does anyone know where they are located? Thanks, david
  2. Fellow Squeezers: In spite of my distain for recording myself or performing in public, friends in the U.S., Canadian, and British concertina community have encouraged me (given that many of the “older” players are passing -but I’m only 70) to post some audio or video of my playing. So I've set up a non-commercial, non-revenue, Youtube channel with some of my English Concertina playing (none are studio recordings, just older sound and video files casually playing alone or with friends). I’m self-taught (began with a Lachenal English in 1973), and for the most part have played in isolation, which may account for my distinct quirks (style?). I may at some point do some new original recordings and videos. I do have sheet music for some of the tunes played and would be glad to email it for free. Enjoy the recordings and feel free to share or pass them on. Requests for sheet music at: braeburnmusic1028@gmail.com —-Matt Heumann “Matt’s Concertina” channel on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ39yMkIbV7fAKF0IV4qpaQ
  3. Hey so Im pretty new to this site and am loving it, but forgive me if this topic has been covered. I havent found much conversation about social media groups or communities outside of this one here and some Facebook pages. Are there any more circles? I would love to get involved or help establish some Concertina groups on YouTube or Google accounts, Facebook etc. I know on Instagram there is a small gathering of concertinists that follow each other and share and comment. I think it would be great to get more of that. I dont know, maybe its a silly idea or maybe its already established. Thoughts? And if you have any accounts on anything please put them on this discussion so I can follow you guys and see what others are doing!
  4. Hi there, I've finally finished my youtube beginners concertina course. Hopefully it's of some use to someone :-) https://youtu.be/RD12aph3qh8?list=PLh4BjWEZtHM6xkYXvQ4mDpqbqOZPKTjsO
  5. Hi Guys, I just thought I would flag up that I've uploaded a concert of myself and pianist Dave Milligan to YouTube. It was recorded like in Orkney, Scotland in June and I think it is the first footage of us both playing together (even though we've been playing together since 2000...). In the second half of the gig the camera must have slipped and it cuts of my head which looks good. Anyway I hope you enjoy :-) http://youtu.be/-umcFGkMkC4
  6. Here's a funny American song from the 1920's, music and lyrics by Con Conrad and J. Russell Robinson: 'They say Leena is the queen of Palesteena, Just because she plays the the concertina' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcLJ_mjGAyQ& Enjoy!
  7. Here's Julie singing I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter, accompanied by my Jeffries duet tina: It's all part of the work in progress for an CD we're recording, so wish us luck! Gavin
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