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    New to the concertina, had it around collecting dust for a few years but have started to pick it up and am in love with it. I love ITM as well as jazz, folk, bluegrass and so much more. Pretty well, I just want to play as much of everything I can on this instrument. Other than music I also love poetry, walking and travel.
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    Alberta, Canada

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  1. Hey awesome job, I absolutely love the monkey island soundtrack. There’s a few good versions on YouTube which you’ve probably already seen. I keep meaning to learn a version for myself but then I listen to people like you play it so well and I think you have it covered lol.
  2. I’ve thought it would be awesome to just get the button layout on my hands. You know, three rows of five circles across the back of my hands. Kinda minimalist I guess.
  3. Hey there everyone, I’ve been going back through a lot of the articles and learning a tonne but I figured I’d throw my question out there anyways and see if there are any fresh thoughts! I live in Alberta Canada and earlier this summer I received a 40 button Wheatstone that I have been in love with. BUT it came from a much more humid Australia, and especially now that It is mid winter here in the north and very dry with -30°C temps, it is starting to make a few sounds. The most common sounds are: 1. Gurgles or buzzes at certain pressures on certain reeds 2. Hiccups right as the reed is initiated and then the sound is clear 3. A few buttons that produce softer/quieter notes So I’ve heard there are methods for “resetting” my instrument according to seasonal changes.
  4. @gcoover awesome, that’s so exciting! And yeah that copyright can be a real pain. Even from country to country it can be so different :/ But I’m looking forward to when your book’s out. Still needing to pick up your shanty one too!
  5. I would love to see some Canadian Country thrown in there like some old Wilf Carter tunes. Calgary Stampede, Old Alberta plains etc. Also so how is progress on the book coming? I can tell I’m late to this conversation
  6. Hey, I’ve recently acquired an Anglo Wheatstone that sounds like it has done its fair share of travelling and been around for a bit. I’ve been having an absolute blast with it but I am starting to run into an issue. The “posts” (I don’t know if that’s correct terminology) that hold down the spring and lever of the button are starting to work their way loose as I play. Sometime it’s just a little bit of air that leaks but today one spring and lever came completely out of its anchor. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  7. I think part of the appeal for me, as well, is the opportunity for others who are not concertinists to see and hear our music as well as have opinions on it and be able to get feedback from other artists or instrumentalists, etc. I guess I feel like this is a hidden little diamond in the rough that is closed off all to itself. I definitely understand why people would not agree with me and I’m not trying to say we change things and abandon old ways or anything, just reach into fresh areas.
  8. Hey so Im pretty new to this site and am loving it, but forgive me if this topic has been covered. I havent found much conversation about social media groups or communities outside of this one here and some Facebook pages. Are there any more circles? I would love to get involved or help establish some Concertina groups on YouTube or Google accounts, Facebook etc. I know on Instagram there is a small gathering of concertinists that follow each other and share and comment. I think it would be great to get more of that. I dont know, maybe its a silly idea or maybe its already established. Thoughts? And if you have any accounts on anything please put them on this discussion so I can follow you guys and see what others are doing!
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