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Found 7 results

  1. I've since purchased an Edgley, and would like to move along my starter box. Lightly used, from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Originally purchased in 2011, this is a second generation instrument. The gig bag has a broken zipper pull, and because I have tiny hands the straps were replaced with smaller ones, the original straps are still in the bag. I'd prefer to keep the tutor, but would include it (contains annotations in pencil) if you'd like it. Concertina is located in Vancouver, Canada. Shipping to the USA would likely cost $40, please bear in mind that any import/sales taxes are out of my control. Price is in US dollars. Thanks! Michelle
  2. Hello, I like to buy a used Rochelle concertina (in good condition of course ). I live in Europe (Belgium) so I prefer a seller from Europe, cheaper postage... Thank you ! Nicolas
  3. Like new and only three months old.Includes gig bag and tutor. The new 2nd Generation Rochelle is a 30 key C/G Anglo concertina with upgraded Italian reeds, designed and developed by the Concertina Connection Inc .The Rochelle has a traditional riveted action. The action makes the instrument 'feel' much like a high priced vintage instrument. Specifications include: Traditional Wheatstone keyboard layout, spacing,key diameter and key travel (key height),6 fold bellows, traditional hand rails,upgraded Italian accordion type steel reeds.£310.00 Located in the UK.Thank you for use of site.
  4. Hello, I'm posting for my friend "Boney" as his Jeffries is now out of the shop and he's ready to part with his Rochelle, which also comes with a soft case. He had us do some improvements such as enlarging the air button to 5/8".... he was finding it hard to push/pull. Also the screws for the ends have been improved and he's broken in the bellows nicely. 2 sets hand straps included. He's asking $325.00 obo, plus shipping Thanks for looking, Annette www.LivingTreeMusic.com
  5. I am based in Devon, England and I wish to purchase a Rochelle Anglo C/G which must be in good as new condition. Currently no dealer in UK has any stock of this model.
  6. Hi Guys... I've just joined Concertina.net as I would like to start learning to play the concertina. After a bit of research, I think the 30 buttoned Anglo would be the model for me but, now comes the problem of actually choosing a suitable instrument from the many on offer! I have, of course, seen a lot of used and absolutely beautiful concertinas for sale while searching on line, concertinas that I would dearly love to own but, unfortunately, they're all rather expensive, and as I have never played before I thought that maybe my best option is to choose a new, cheap model to start with. I wanted to ask you what you guys think of the Rochelle Anglo 30 buttoned model? After looking at lots of cheap concertinas on-line this model looks and sounds quite nice and appears to be good value for $415… has anyone ever played or owned this model, or have any advice about it? The other question that I would like to ask is… I live in West Australia where concertinas appear to be almost non-existent, so I will have to order either from the UK or US. I read somewhere that, due to the rough handling while in transit, particles of fluff or dust can dislodge and clog the reeds, which may then need to be removed and cleaned. Is this true, and if so, would a novice like me be able to remove any dislodged particles myself? Many thanks, John
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