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  1. Like new and only three months old.Includes gig bag and tutor. The new 2nd Generation Rochelle is a 30 key C/G Anglo concertina with upgraded Italian reeds, designed and developed by the Concertina Connection Inc .The Rochelle has a traditional riveted action. The action makes the instrument 'feel' much like a high priced vintage instrument. Specifications include: Traditional Wheatstone keyboard layout, spacing,key diameter and key travel (key height),6 fold bellows, traditional hand rails,upgraded Italian accordion type steel reeds.£310.00 Located in the UK.Thank you for use of site.
  2. Can someone point me in the direction of a sound file where i can listen to the difference between a G/D or a C/G CONCERTINA..Thank You.
  3. Hi Jacob,Thanks for replying.Your "D" is similar to what i have configured. Differences are i use the C3 "D" starting. I have configured a scale in "A" as follows.C5 pull,C6pull,A6 push,C7pull,C7push,G6pull,A8push and finish on C9pull.I am not sure if this is the conventional pattern for the "A" scale and for the life of me i cannot find any reference to the "A" scale on the net or in the book that came with the Rochelle.As i mentioned before the tunes which i play on a Melodeon are mostly in A G or D so my first job is to try and find the "easiest?" way to play the scales in these Keys so as to become familiar with the buttons.. I do hope you can make sense of the above.Thank You
  4. Looking for suggestion for the most economical way to play the scale of "A" and "D" on a G/C 30 Button Rochelle Anglo. I am just learning and a lot of my fellow musicians play in the key of "a" and "d"
  5. I am a B/C melodeon player and i am about to purchase a new concertina.Is it possible (or do they exist) to have a B/C tuned concertina? I do know Stagi make one (STC1 - Mahogany Stagi C-1) (http://libertybellows.com/sales-stagi.html)but i am looking for any further better quality options.This would make my transition from B/C melodeon so much easier. Thanks for any information.
  6. Stagi C-1 Apparently both these Stagis are available in tuning B/C. As i am a B/C melodoen player this appeals to me.Am i just as well purchasing a C/G tuned concertina. Does anyone have any experience on these models.Any feedback appreciated. http://libertybellows.com/sales-stagi.html
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