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  1. I have a Concertina Connection Elise for sale that has already been customised. This particular instrument was purchased new from and hot rodded by Robert Tedrow of Homewood Music. Bob is one of a few concertina builders in the U.S. and makes some of the finest instruments available. Bob customized this new instrument for me by modifying the air hole, making the keys quieter, adjustments to the actions and individually re-tuning all the reeds. I paid $650 for this upgraded Elise with shipping and $75 for a hard case. I would sell it for $475 It plays and sound sweet. Also comes with a Tutor, written specifically for the Hayden Duet. I purchase this instrument with the intent of learning to play a Hayden Duet. I gave it a few months, but decided to stick with the Anglo concertina. This instrument plays easier and sounds better than off the shelf Elise's. I also have a used Concertina Connection Rochelle for sale if your interested in Anglo's. This instrument has bellow papers added to give it a little custom look. Would sell for $335, including a soft case. I can send pictures of both instruments to an email address. For whatever reason, I can't seem to attach pics to this message? Phil
  2. Update on FedEx C.O.D. Policy: Turns out FedEx does not accept cash after all only checks. In addition after being told by FedEx Shipping office that the receiver of a package could inspect it prior to accepting the deliver is wrong. When the concertina arrived from the seller, the driver refused to allow the an inspection until after I gave him the bank check and signed as accepting the shipment. FedEx needs to get their story straight between phone customer service, shipping offices and the driver. In the end everything worked out OK with the shipment, but only because the seller took a "blind leap of faith" and accepted a bank check and the buyer (me) gave in an accepted the delivery without being able to inspect it. Again, not a perfect solution, but still slightly better than sending a large check to someone you met on a internet forum chat room and hope they send you an instrument.
  3. I am currently involved in a purchase of a concertina advertised on this site. We agreed to use Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) via one of 3 common carriers. The USPS does COD's less than $1000 cash or larger amounts by various types of checks. UPS also does COD deliveries, but does not accept cash, checks only. We choose FedEx COD for the transaction because they accept larger amounts of cash for payment than any of the other services. Making a purchase COD using cash protects the seller from bogus checks and insures the buyer the instrument is delivered prior to paying for it. The downside is, the buyer has to depend on the seller to accurately describe the instrument condition and playability. In my case the seller was a member of this site, and I could trace the instrument back to the builder to verify it was indeed what was advertised. Not a perfect solution, but better for the buyer and seller than blind trust.
  4. Thank you for all the great information! I've picked up a "easy peasy tunes" which are a little to easy, in that the tunes lack a bass clef. A couple of sea shanty song books and down loaded some sheet music from 8notes.com. Nothing specifically arranged for the Elise, but playable. Just out of curiosity, I picked up a good used Rochelle off eBay for $275 with a hard case. I figured it was cheap enough, that I could easily resale it for the same amount if I didn’t like it. Like starting out on any new instrument, it takes some getting used to, especially when switching from the Hayden duet key layout to a 30 button diatonic. It’s too confusing to try and learn both instruments, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. I’ll keep squeezing away until I decide on which way to go. Thanks again.
  5. I am a beginner trying to learn to play the Elise, Hayden Duet concertina. I choose the duet because from what I read, it was the easiest to learn to play and was a good choice for solo playing. Living 25 miles from the nearest town, playing for my own enjoyment is my only real option. I’ve been through the lesson book that came with the instrument, but I am finding additional sheet music for this instrument to be non-existent. Playing by ear is a non-starter for me; I need to see the notes to play. There seems to be a lot of lesson books and music written for a 30 key Anglo, I am beginning to think I made a mistake choosing this duet. But before I give up on the Elise, I would like to find out: 1. Can anyone recommend any beginner lesson books or where I can purchase sheet music for the 34 key Hayden Duet? 2. I would like to play some Sea Shanties, does anyone know of a book or sheet music with the lyrics for this music? 3. What sheet music written for a different instrument would be best to play with a duet concertina? Thanks, Damman
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