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  1. Bought this around 2008 at Hobgobln's in London for over 2000 GBP (about $3,125 USD). Asking price $2,500 USD. I can send pix, video to interested parties. The concertina itself could be viewed in person at a variety of locations: Utica New York, Washington DC, Colorado Springs, or Marlow England, depending on where you are and what time of year it is..... b.l.losiewicz@gmail.com. Xe.com is a good place to check out currency conversion. I could accept payment in dollars or pounds. good playable condition. I am selling it because I bought a Lachenal to replace it.
  2. No 36613 chrome plated ends,stained black wood work,eight fold bellows,original case with the usual Wheatstone labels all in top class condition-modern pitch in great playing order. £2000 no offers.Located near Sheffield,South Yorkshire.Selling as I now mainly play the anglo and I have a number of other English concertinas.Send me a PM if you are genuinely interested.
  3. Hi C-net, I'm crossposting this notice I just put up on eBay for my Tedrow 40-button G/D Anglo hybrid, with Wheatstone layout. Please let me know if anyone has any questions about it---I can respond here or over at eBay. Thank you! Steven http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tedrow-40-button-G-D-Hybrid-Anglo-Concertina-/231357838884? Here's a little video of me playing it. (Also posted on the eBay listing.)
  4. This is a stock C/G Stagi W-15 LN that was "Turboed" by Bob Tedrow of Homewood Music. He put brass bushings and brass buttons on the stock concertina as the plastic ones were prone to stick. I'm not sure, but I seem to remember reading that he did something to make the action work smoother also. I never played a stock Stagi, so I have nothing to compare it to. I sent it to the Button Box to refurbish the bellows at which time they put leather patches where needed (see pictures and video). Takes 10 full seconds to expand from fully compressed with no buttons pressed. The screen between the gri
  5. Hi folks, I'm selling my 44-key metal ended Jeffries C/G anglo concertina. It's in great condition and is a beautiful instrument. Here's a link to a video of me playing it last summer: http://pipers.ie/source/media/?mediaId=25281&galleryId=968 The concertina is currently in Sligo, Ireland. Contact me by private message for further information. Mairead
  6. For Sale: A P James Miniature Anglo Concertina in G and custom wooden box. Execellent condition, hardly ever played. You can see photos on the AP James website here. Price AUD$990 [aprrox GBP657] plus postage* [*Item currently located in Melbourne, Australia. Postage dependent on location.] Selling because it rarely gets played and deserves a good home.
  7. I currently have for sale on ebay our grandad's concertina. It is a vintage model and needs restoration, love and TLC. I hope someone can give it a good home and get as much enjoyment from it as he did. The ebay item code is 111332577632, and the auction ends Thursday 1st May 18.31. If anyone has any questions please send them to me via the ebay ' ask seller a question' messaging system. Many thanks
  8. Lachenal 39 key duet metal ended concertina six fold bellows in origional wooden case. Good Bellows and woodwork but has a broken spring and in need of servcing £450.00 cash on collection or will post at cost Contact Email macsamrain@yahoo.co.uk or Ring 07882161625 Tom
  9. This is A 36 key, with a C drone, C/G Wheatsone Linota concertina. It was made in 1918, serial number 27845. This instrument is in good condition. It has been serviced regularly by Tim Collins and Noel Hill since I've had it. It is very easy to play and sounds great If you have any questions feel free to contact me at gannonsmusicshop@gmail.com. Click on the video below to view and hear this instrument. Picture of the serial number attached. http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Vintage-Wheatstone-Linota-Concertina-for-sale-made-in-1918-/171212259642?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27dd0bc13a http://www.
  10. So, this concertina has a lovely tone. I had purchased it, thinking that it would be my thing, but instead fell in love with the piano accordion, meaning that this little beastie has been sitting in it's case, having only ever had a few tunes played on it. It needs a more loving home! Technical info on it: It is a 48-button Stagi, Model A48-S English Concertina Treble Range (it's not super high and squeaky like a lot of them--it's got a nice, rich tone to it). 6-fold Leather Bellows Steel Reeds Weighs a little over three pounds Six sided Made in Italy Mahogany colored wood, w
  11. This Concertina has been sold! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I believe this to be a late C19th / early C20th instrument. It was one of a collection belonging to the late Chris Chipchase & although he had a number of Jeffries, this was his favourite. It is a beautiful looking instrument, very loud & very easily played with the characteristic bark of a quality Jeffries Concertina. The reeds are all in tune & the bellows are only a few years old & are like new. To hear this Concertina in action, visit my site: Concertina Tunes from North Antrim: http:/
  12. For Sale: Wheatstone Aeola Treble, #27864 48 keys, 6 fold bellows, steel reeds, brass mounts, concert pitch, lovely tone, original leather case Original manufacture: May 8th, 1919 (http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD01/PAGES/D1P1150S.HTM) Refubished: 2009 by that nice Mr Gibb @ theboxplace - incl pads, valves, thumbstraps & retuning The concertina came to me from a lady who was sorting out her grandfathers effects - the only history I have is "he'd had it all his life" - but I doubt that was from new. You can see in the photos that the fretwork has slots for bowing levers. There is
  13. Really nice toned Wheatstone Anglo C/G 30 button concertina in excellent condition. The serial number is #57200 (made in March 1955). The steel reeds are set in aluminium frames. The original 6 fold bellows are in excellent condition. This concertina comes with a 1950's concertina carrying case. The concertina is played regularly at local sessions and has a beautifully mellow tone and as to be expected from a Wheatstone, is very responsive and has a nice action.There are definite signs of wear on the concertina as to be expected. It may be possible to meet at an agreed appropriate 'half-way'
  14. Hi, I have a 30 key Suttner A3 Linota for sale ebony ends, perfectly in tune Comes with hard case The instrument is about one year old and has not been played much, very clean, beautiful instrument. Asking price is 5.500 Eur. Please contact +353-86-4456309 for more details
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