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  1. I have a beautiful and virtually un-used Frank Edgley "Professional" Model Concertina for sale: # 511. This was built for me last Fall (2014) after a month long trip that I made to Ireland. I thought that I would take up the concertina, but my guitar keeps calling me..... This is a beautiful Eucalyptus burl wood concertina with rosewood trim. It also has ebony handles with Eucalyptus capping and Bright Stainless, Tree of Life patterned ends, C/G Wheatstone layout model, 30 buttons, 7 bellow folds, slanted reed pans and more. Concertina also comes with custom built Frank Edgley case for the superior protection of this beauty. Frank's pics of my Instrument: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-tfjxSo6wBtI/VQxB9Wn0y3I/AAAAAAAAAYY/rulQja7gVvM/s1600/IMG_7460.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-wfK3bfMmoJg/VQxCCVGKFaI/AAAAAAAAAYg/53sfoVrjy08/s1600/IMG_7468.jpg I am asking $2450 shipped insured in the U.S. I will ship overseas if desired but would have to charge for the extra shipping. I will accept PayPal for payment I haven't learned to play this instrument. As stated it is virtually Brand new. In addition, I will include: · The Anglo Concertina, Absolute Beginners Tutorial, by Chris Sherburn and Dave Mallinson · Bertram Levy’s “Anglo Concertina Demystified" book with 2 CDs · Frank Edgley’s “How to Play the Anglo Concertina” DVD . Learn to Play Irish Concertina. Taught by John Williams: DVD . American Fiddle styles for the Anglo Concertina. By Bertram Levy. Please contact me via email: bobuck59@gmail.com , Thank you Sold, Thank you
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