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Found 12 results

  1. I have a C/G Anglo Suttner concertina for sale. It is in excellent condition with 31 keys, 7 bellow folds and ebony ends. Jeffries layout. Please PM for more details. Thanks!
  2. I have a C/G Anglo Suttner concertina for sale. It is in excellent condition with 31 keys, 7 bellow folds and ebony ends. Jeffries layout. Please PM for more details. Thanks!
  3. Hello good ole Concertina.net forum. I haven't been here in years! I've been playing all along, down here in the quiet confines of the Delmarva Peninsula. A few years ago my dear musician husband passed away and I have recently purchased my own house insurance to which I need to add my instruments on extra extension of coverage. I have a Suttner A2 Anglo #116 and I need to value a replacement. With a quick search on the internet I did not find anyone in the USA selling these off the shelf. Jürgen is still making these, but the wait is now 2-1/2 years. To me, the price is not just the price when you need immediate replacement and there is that long wait. How do I present this to the insurance agent at a price to be realistic in the face of potential catastrophe? It would be great to hear from you again. ~ Jan Dover, Delaware
  4. Hi folks, Unfortunately I need to sell my concertina. It has been my main concertina for a good few years now and has served me well. This instrument is one of the earlier models and as such has a beautiful tone you won't find on the newer instruments. These are very hard instruments to find. A new Suttner with the same specs is €5000 with a four year waiting list but these are slightly different instruments compared to the earlier models. It's an airtight instrument with very fast action and has been well played and looked after over the years. This would be a perfect instrument for an intermediate to advanced player. Get in touch if you want more info. Thanks, Alan
  5. https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/concertina-38-key-suttner/13798378
  6. I'm having to liberate some cash in order to, what else, buy another concertina. So, selling my 30b (plus D drone) Suttner A2 C/G anglo concertina. It's #281 and has recently been cleaned and examined by Greg Jowaisas. Very responsive and a great session instrument. Has a D drone. That's right, D. Otherwise, Jeffries tuning. Listing it here for $4,500 (plus shipping) and will donate $90 to concertina.net upon sale. Comes with case. I live in Southern California, so would prefer to sell to someone in the states. I'm unfamiliar with rules or taxes for shipping abroad, but would consider it. Photos attached here. -Chris Stuart
  7. HI there I'm offering a 31-button Suttner C/G A2 model, Jeffries tuned concertina for sale. It has polished ebony ends, seven bellows folds, and very pretty gilt bellows papers. Sice it has been played, it's nice and loose; but it hasn't been played very much and is in 'as new' condition. The 31st button is a C drone (it comes along with a low D reed and brass reed plate should anyone want that). I have a genuine reason for selling it. I and it are based in the west of Ireland, but it can be sent anywhere in the world at little cost. It happens to be the concertina featured on the front cover of the tutor "The Concertina Diaries", and since that's the only photo I have at the moment, I'm attaching that picture. But I can take more photos of the instrument and send them to anyone interested in buying. If interested, maybe mail me privately, at heather.cleggan@gmail.com Heather
  8. I play traditional Irish music on a beautiful concertina Suttner model A1 (the cheapest). I would like to order another. What is the difference between the model Jeffries and Wheatsone? 30 or 38 keys? and in the case of the 38 keys what is the best layout for the Irish music? I did not find on the site Suttner layout of the A5, concertina to 35 keys. What could be the best layout for a 35-key for Irish music? Thanks for your help!
  9. Suttner anglo A2 31 key with belows papers, C/G tuning, no. 210. I bought this instrument from Jurgen in 2003. Very nice, bright sound, in excellent condition with original box. $6000. Will donate to Concertina.net. Please contact: michaelprendergast@comcast.net
  10. 31 key C/G Suttner for sale, number 609. Ebony ends, metal keys. Plays well. I have another C/G and I'm not playing this one enough to warrent keeping it. I'm based in Dublin.
  11. I am looking for a Suttner Concertina, the A2 Jeffries-type. I have a new one on order, but would like to have one in the meantime. I live in Dublin, Ireland.
  12. Hi, I have a 30 key Suttner A3 Linota for sale ebony ends, perfectly in tune Comes with hard case The instrument is about one year old and has not been played much, very clean, beautiful instrument. Asking price is 5.500 Eur. Please contact +353-86-4456309 for more details
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