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  1. This is the Carroll smaller version 30-button C/G Anglo. I have reduced the price to $5500. Excellent condition, I bought it new from Wally Carroll in 2015. email: michaelprendergast@comcast.net
  2. One owner, bought in 2015. 30 button small Wheatstone C/G no.178. Very good condition, no problems. With case. Email michaelprendergast@comcast.net I bought the instrument from Wally Carroll in 2015. It's the smaller Anglo Wheatstone version #178. Very good shape, no problems.
  3. Suttner anglo A2 31 key with belows papers, C/G tuning, no. 210. I bought this instrument from Jurgen in 2003. Very nice, bright sound, in excellent condition with original box. $6000. Will donate to Concertina.net. Please contact: michaelprendergast@comcast.net
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