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  1. The best way to "fix" this is to record the session on your phone or other recording device and practice playing along at home.
  2. Hi Alan, As a general rule, you'd never use the same finger for two consecutive notes if the are on different buttons. In that case I would move your hand down and do the A, on the draw with your little finger and the B, on the draw with your ring finger and the D on the draw with your middle finger. Of course, this would depend on the notes before and after the sequence but you can always make some slight melodic changes to make tunes more "concertina friendly". If you're interested, I do online skype lessons which you might find helpful. You can see the details on the forum under the teaching and learning section. Good luck with it! Alan
  3. Hi Alan, You should also have a low A on the inside row (G row) at the very bottom on the draw (some concertinas have this note as another D). When playing these tunes that is the A I use and I also use the low B on the middle (C row) just below D on the draw also. I don't use the D A or B on the push in these tunes. I hope that helps somewhat. All the best, Alan
  4. Hi Helen, I'm starting a new 10-week term of lessons in the coming weeks. I've just added the info on the forum. If it's something you might be interested in then you can PM me here or email me at eganalan@gmail.com Thanks, Alan
  5. Hi All, I'm about to start another 10-week term of 1-2-1 skype lessons. I only have 3 slots left at this stage so it's on a first come first served basis. These classes cater for all abilities of players, from beginner to advanced players who want to add something extra to their playing. For those of you that don't know me, I've been playing concertina from a young age and have won multiple All-Ireland's. I've been teaching for over 15 years and I've taught many people that have gone on to win All-Ireland's. I've also adjudicated Fleadhs at All-Ireland level. I've attached a short mp3 of me playing. If you've any questions you can PM here or email me at eganalan@gmail.com. Thanks, Alan Rakish Paddy short.mp3
  6. Hi folks, Unfortunately I need to sell my concertina. It has been my main concertina for a good few years now and has served me well. This instrument is one of the earlier models and as such has a beautiful tone you won't find on the newer instruments. These are very hard instruments to find. A new Suttner with the same specs is €5000 with a four year waiting list but these are slightly different instruments compared to the earlier models. It's an airtight instrument with very fast action and has been well played and looked after over the years. This would be a perfect instrument for an intermediate to advanced player. Get in touch if you want more info. Thanks, Alan
  7. https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/concertina-38-key-suttner/13798378
  8. Jeffries Bb/F Concertina for sale. https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/jeffries-bb-f-38-key-concertina/13726593
  9. Hey All, New term of classes are starting in the coming week. If anyone else wants to book a place please email me eganalan@gmail.com. I have space for 4 more people this term. Thanks, Alan
  10. And here it is with the attachment............ The Blackbird.mp3
  11. Hi Jimbo, Here's the Blackbird on an Anglo. Sorry about the echo and the foot taping! Hope it helps....
  12. Just to let people know that the classes are still going as I have been receiving alot of emails about it. The New term has just started this week. If you are interested in lessons contact me at eganalan@gmail.com. Thanks, Alan.
  13. Just a quick note to say I am starting my second term of classes in the coming week. If I have not been in touch with some of you with details please email me.
  14. It must be an Irish thing, C/G is referred to as D, C#/G# is Eb, Bb/F is C. The key is usally the note you get when you play D button on the concertina. (middle row, middle button, left hand on a standard 30 key concertina)
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