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  1. Hi Greg, I might be in the market for a Bb/F instrument. I assume you already sold this, but do you have any others available? Thanks, and hope all is well! -Chris Stuart
  2. The Suttner is sold to (I'm happy to say) a great home. And I've made a $90 donation to concertina.net. Very thankful for this site and forum and those who run it. -Chris Stuart
  3. I'm having to liberate some cash in order to, what else, buy another concertina. So, selling my 30b (plus D drone) Suttner A2 C/G anglo concertina. It's #281 and has recently been cleaned and examined by Greg Jowaisas. Very responsive and a great session instrument. Has a D drone. That's right, D. Otherwise, Jeffries tuning. Listing it here for $4,500 (plus shipping) and will donate $90 to concertina.net upon sale. Comes with case. I live in Southern California, so would prefer to sell to someone in the states. I'm unfamiliar with rules or taxes for shipping abroad, but would consi
  4. That flushed look on my face is jealousy. I'd love to go and am already making plans for 2016. Would love a report of your experience when you get back! -Chris
  5. Thanks, maki. Yes, I won't be taking this one to the beach. . . .
  6. I'm now the proud owner of a fabulous 38b Jeffries, and just wanted to say that my experience buying it through Greg Jowaisas was outstanding. It was a significant purchase and Greg spent a lot of time answering my questions, following up phone calls, checking and tuning the instrument, and just generally being patient with someone new to the Jeffries and high-level concertina world. I recommend Greg highly. And here are some photos of the instrument. Has a nice sweet, but loud tone. As my mother would have said, "Great honk!" I feel like I'm at the beginning of a long journey to s
  7. Hi Richard, Have these sold yet? If not, I'd be interested in them. Could I pay via Paypal or mail a check? Thanks! -Chris
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