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  1. Hi Greg, I might be in the market for a Bb/F instrument. I assume you already sold this, but do you have any others available? Thanks, and hope all is well! -Chris Stuart
  2. The Suttner is sold to (I'm happy to say) a great home. And I've made a $90 donation to concertina.net. Very thankful for this site and forum and those who run it. -Chris Stuart
  3. I'm having to liberate some cash in order to, what else, buy another concertina. So, selling my 30b (plus D drone) Suttner A2 C/G anglo concertina. It's #281 and has recently been cleaned and examined by Greg Jowaisas. Very responsive and a great session instrument. Has a D drone. That's right, D. Otherwise, Jeffries tuning. Listing it here for $4,500 (plus shipping) and will donate $90 to concertina.net upon sale. Comes with case. I live in Southern California, so would prefer to sell to someone in the states. I'm unfamiliar with rules or taxes for shipping abroad, but would consider it. Photos attached here. -Chris Stuart
  4. That flushed look on my face is jealousy. I'd love to go and am already making plans for 2016. Would love a report of your experience when you get back! -Chris
  5. Thanks, maki. Yes, I won't be taking this one to the beach. . . .
  6. I'm now the proud owner of a fabulous 38b Jeffries, and just wanted to say that my experience buying it through Greg Jowaisas was outstanding. It was a significant purchase and Greg spent a lot of time answering my questions, following up phone calls, checking and tuning the instrument, and just generally being patient with someone new to the Jeffries and high-level concertina world. I recommend Greg highly. And here are some photos of the instrument. Has a nice sweet, but loud tone. As my mother would have said, "Great honk!" I feel like I'm at the beginning of a long journey to see what this instrument can do. Some interesting facts: it's an original C/G Jeffries sr instrument, has Dipper bellows, and is tuned in 1/5 comma meantone tuning (the chords ring). Thanks, Greg! -Chris
  7. Hi Richard, Have these sold yet? If not, I'd be interested in them. Could I pay via Paypal or mail a check? Thanks! -Chris
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