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  1. Hello good ole Concertina.net forum. I haven't been here in years! I've been playing all along, down here in the quiet confines of the Delmarva Peninsula. A few years ago my dear musician husband passed away and I have recently purchased my own house insurance to which I need to add my instruments on extra extension of coverage. I have a Suttner A2 Anglo #116 and I need to value a replacement. With a quick search on the internet I did not find anyone in the USA selling these off the shelf. J├╝rgen is still making these, but the wait is now 2-1/2 years. To me, the price is not just the price when you need immediate replacement and there is that long wait. How do I present this to the insurance agent at a price to be realistic in the face of potential catastrophe? It would be great to hear from you again. ~ Jan Dover, Delaware
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