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  1. That's what you get for visiting here When I first came here all I wanted was a new toy. You people with your fancy jeffries, crabbs, cross fingered, along the rows behind the head, english anglo duet, custom prototype, metal godzilla vs woodend godzilla, aboriginal bellows folds, irish madtrad, classical, seashanty all singing, all dancing morris germs got me infected. Peer pressure my tartan arse JUST SAY NO!
  2. tis a bonnie wee beastie The concertina has certainly been the most rewarding instrument I've played.
  3. I'm not switching - I'm expanding I'm in love with my jackie and don't see myself ever letting it go. I bought the lachenal 48 because of the extra notes - originally I couldn't see the need for more than the 30 keys on the jackie because the tunes I was going to learn are the same as the ones I play on the tin whistle. And the tunes that baffls me on the whistle tend to be anything with a note lower than the lowest note on the whistle. Jim Lucas warned me I'd be meeting tunes needing a higher range than the jackie... lo and behold I started running into them a few days later. I got tired of transposing tunes - I only recently started reading music... As for getting an anglo its meant as an addition, something else to ( learn to ) play. I'm also planning one day in the future when I'm rich on getting a baritone english and when I'm very very very rich a duet. I've got the concertina bug.
  4. My wife suggested I do something different to celebrate St. Patricks day, something that I don't already do on a daily basis... After careful consideration I vacuumed the flat. Then went back to drinking whisky. Enjoy the day or daze everyone!
  5. Anyone have a cheapish anglo they would be willing to part with? After just over a month playing the jackie and having just bought ( fingers-crossed ) a lachenal 48 key english, I'm wanting to start playing anglo before I get too entrenched with the english. So if anyone has a good beginners instrument gathering dust get in touch please. C/G or G/D thanks.
  6. has anyone reported this to ebay?
  7. tis amazing the things you find on the net. http://www.kcl.ac.uk/iss/archives/collect/1wh20-0.html
  8. hey congrats!! I just bought one off ebay too take a look at this page for dating : http://www.concertina.net/wes_williams_dating.html
  9. I've been searching using concertina as well and it didn't show up til I searched on ebay.fr...
  10. it was bought on ebay and for some strange reason I was the only person who bid... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MEWN:IT
  11. How are the number of folds decided and what difference does the number of folds mean to the instrument sound and playability? And this is a repeat question from another thread - are there or has anyone considered rubber bellows?
  12. 48 key English Lachenal concertina serial number 58494 I just won it with a maiden bid of $200... Which is a shock considering every other lachenal I've been watching on ebay has gone for a lot more even when in need of major restoration. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this one isn't a scam and that the description was accurate.
  13. Can someone give me an idea of how much it would cost to get a lachenal 48 key english re-tuned? thanks
  14. 1. facial hair is only evident when I'm too lazy to shave. And as I've just given myself a mohawk variation facial hair is best not in evidence 2. I got my jackie for my 34th birthday - actually received it while I was still 33 3. I can't adequately explain why I wanted a concertina... hence I didn't want to spend a lot of money if it turned out to be a passing whim. 4. hmmm no 4
  15. This is straying a bit from the topic but... are there concertinas with rubber bellows? I was looking at a bicycle today and theres was a concertina'd rubber cover on it and it got me thinking.
  16. Hmmm I've begun fantasizing about playing in a punk band again... so it would have to be a vocalist, a concertina, bass guitar - maybe a double bass just for fun , rythm guitar and drums. Maybe a brass section to do some ska / tu-tone numbers.
  17. I just found this - I'm sure a lot of you know about it but no harm in posting a link for those that don't. virtual session
  18. henk choose winamp etc option to hear the file it should open with media player anyway.
  19. in three days it will be a month. picking out tunes is going ok - reading the music and getting the rythm right isn't... I'm starting to hit the same hurdles I hit with the tin whistle. Me thinks I need to get a few cds and listen to what people are playing - midi's and abc files aren't giving me anything that sticks in my head.
  20. ok jim while we are on the subject of multiple notes... you've got 8 b's in a row - do you take your finger off the button and play each one or do you use the bellows to seperate the notes. something tells me I'm gonna be needing lessons soon
  21. having never played in a session.... I can only say that if I met someone so bloodyminded that they aren't willing to accomodate others I tend to get stubborn and childish. So I suggest you play a lot slower than you would normally on every song until one of the other faction complains. Then you can thumb your nose at them and say "when she slows down I'll speed up." But hey that's just me
  22. I was at shop in copenhagen today buying some sheet music and saw a book that might suit your needs... problem is i only saw it in passing so I'm not absolutely sure of the title it was something like "the music of scandinavia" or "scandinavian music" there was a tagline "music scandinavians love" I'll be going back next week so I can write down the publisher and isbn no.
  23. thanks for that the tune she's playing sounds great. Found the notes for it so I guess I'll give up on morrison's for a bit
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