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    Stagi mini 18 English (nice), Guitar (Gibson Blue Ridge flat top), Banjo (Oscar Schmidt 5-string), Autoharp (Oscar Schmidt 21 bar)<br /><br />Will translate from German to English.<br />No charge if it's concertina related.
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  1. Sold at $179.00 Just a note for anyone interested. I've seen this concertina and heard Delbert play it. Its in very good condition and sounds nice as well.
  2. Greetings! My Stagi A-18 is going up for sale on Ebay today, April 18th 09. I will set it for 'No Reserve' to see how it does. It is in good shape, with hard case, all buttons and straps in good order. It is the brown model. The Bb (left hand) will occasionally 'flutter' and stick. I have done a gentle disassembly and check on it. Can do so again if it needs this. The file attached to this posting indicates where the 18 buttons fit in the English 48 button pattern layout. Regards, Del Stagi_A18_button_layout.bmp
  3. All FYI - going to eBay under my Delbert_wb account there. Thanks Del
  4. Chris, If I recall from past postings, the herrington is one of the square models, like Jim Besser also owns. Correct?
  5. Could you provide a little history, ie repairs, how long have you had it, who had it before you, any other particulars you'd care to share. Howdy, Happy, This is not my instrument, simply my notification. Elderly Instruments is a music store in Lansing, Michigan in the US with an emphasis in mail-order sales. They are a reputable company, but mau not be especially knowledgeable on concertinas. I would suggest that you call them or send an e-mail to ask them about it. Regards Del
  6. All, These are complex arrangements, multi-part in PDF, with MP3 to listen. This looks very promising. http://www.musicado.de/musicado/html/noten-download.html I would ask that someone record one of these tunes, and post for us to hear it - on a concertina Regards Del
  7. All, Just to close the circle, the Herrington Anglo I posted here and on eBay has sold for $1,075. I put it on eBay to ensure the world had a fair opportunity to bid. In the end it was won by my friend Cary Kuminecz, who lives approximately 20 miles from me. How interesting that it should sell this way. Cary has offered visitation and (occasional) playing rights. Regards, Del
  8. (* translation from German into English of Nils note - First Concertina-Autumn - (In Irish Autumn 'Action Days') Beginning Friday, Sept. 28 through Sunday Sept. 30 2007 we are hosting the First Concertina-Autumn at the Proitzer Mühle (Proitzer Mill). We plan a Squeeze-In for Concertinas of all Systems and for musicians in all styles of music. The gathering takes place as a part of Irish Autumn at the Proitzer Mühle (Proitzer Mill), from Sept. 28 to Oct. 3, 2007: • Musician interchanges • Sessions-without-end including Fiddles, Flutes and Bodhrans from the other classes • English for Beginners – 2 x 90 Minute Beginner's Class for English Concertina (Nils Meyn) • Irish for Beginners – 2 x 90 Minute Beginner's Class for Anglo Concertina (Julia Teetzmann, Mario Kliemann.) • Lodging in shared rooms with multiple beds, 3 meals (breakfast and evening buffet). Prices: €95 for Concertina-Autumn with services as described. Send questions concerning Concertina-Autumn to nmeyn@web.de If you desire to attend other classes, you may register for the Irish Autumn. Detailed information concerning Irish Autumn may be found at www.proitzer-muehle.de.
  9. Now gone to eBay, with no reserve. Also no 'Buy It Now' amount. ViewItem&item=110165147604 Regards, Del - - - - - New information
  10. http://elderly.com/vintage/items/160U-362.htm The Elderly Instruments description is presented here; photos at the link: EC-, treble voice, 6-fold replacement bellows, replacement thumb straps, flat cutout ebony ends, 48 metal bushed buttons, steel reeds, tuned to modern concert pitch, made in England, fine sound, on consignment, with brown leather HSC (SN:28325) 160U-362 .. $2,900.00
  11. Seanc This is an accordion-reeded instrument. This is in the category which is most often compared to Edgley, Morse, Tedrow, and, at times, Marcus instruments. Thanks for asking, Del
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